The video you are about to watch is so amazing that the singer of the song, Billy Ray Cyrus, posted it onto his Facebook page and labeled it “The Best Thing Ever.” At a rodeo, a gorgeous mare and her trainer wait in the center as a group of line dancers gather around. The mare waits for her cue and then begins to step and twirl as if the song was made for her. The audience can’t get enough of it! Watching her incredible moves while her talented team act as “back up dancers” is seriously the perfect entertainment.



The amount of skillful training and the bond that goes into something like this is a testament of how close a horse and trainer become. Like many dogs who love agility, horses like this mare thrive on focused activity. Keeping active and into a routine is not only beneficial for energy, but it’s also a lot of fun.

Their hard work as a team pays off! Every move is breathtaking! ENJOY!