A sweet dog, named Blossom, was given up to a shelter in Texas by her owners. Blossom who is heartworm positive was also pregnant with a litter of puppies. She could not receive treatment until all her pups were born and had finished nursing.

Thankfully, the intake coordinator of the shelter, Maggie Escriva, decided to foster Blossom until her heartworm treatment was complete. Escriva’s big heart was also a big inspiration

Shortly after moving in with Maggie, Blossom gave birth to three pups whom they named Bluebell, Begonia, and Buttercup.

Sadly, though, within a few days, Bluebell and Begonia grew very ill with an infection and passed away. Blossom was beside herself.

Blossom became inconsolable. She was frantic and no one knew how to help her. Then fate intervened.

Maggie learned of a litter of puppies who desperately needed a foster mom. They had been thrown from a car window. They were so young that their eyes hadn’t even opened yet. That’s when Maggie came up with the genius idea.

The litter of puppies were brought to Blossom and mixed in with Buttercup. No one was certain what would happen but Blossom’s motherly instincts were as strong as she is, and kicked in right away!

The puppies were all given flower names to honor Blossom’s other puppies. With her tender loving care, the puppies grew big and strong and were adopted out to loving homes of their own.

Now Blossom is able to receive her heartworm treatment and is doing GREAT! She will be available for adoption soon. Could you be Blossom’s hero?

While Bluebell and Begonia could never be replaced, Blossom honored their memory the best way she could AND saved lives in the process.