While being evaluating at the pound, the workers labeled Bruce the Pit Bull as “dog aggressive.” This label is taken very seriously and potential adopters will most likely pass him up. Who wants to be liable for a dog that will harm another dog? Bruce would have to be confined to his own home and yard. Forget the dog park. Forget the neighborhood streets. But then something spectacular happened that would change Bruce’s life forever.

A wonderful human, named Alex Knappenberger, met Bruce. He got the vibe that this pup was a sweetheart yet the workers swore up and down that he was dog aggressive. There was no doubt about it. So… Alex decided to take a chance on Bruce. He walked him outside the pound and when he passed the other cages and the other dogs on walks, Bruce couldn’t care less! He just went about his business. Alex knew it! Bruce was perfectly fine. So he adopted him!

Alex Knappenberger

Bruce fell madly in love with his new human and his new human fell madly in love with him. The biggest surprise: Bruce also fell madly in love with his new doggy siblings. A dog that wasn’t supposed to be around other dogs not only got along with them, he cherished them!

Alex Knappenberger

Alex and Bruce are proving the Pit Bull stereotype wrong everyday. Why is this so important? Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes make up a HUGE portion of the shelter dog population. If more people learn that the breed is perfectly pawsome, more dogs will find forever homes.

Check out Alex’s YouTube channel for more adorable Bruce videos. Man, I love this dog and so does Max!!!


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