The other day I was scanning my Facebook feed and came across the cutest quote: “You’re my Nemo. If you get lost in the great, big ocean, I will find you.” If you ever watched Finding Nemo then you will totally understand the gravity of this statement. Someone you love this much is the very definition of a best friend THAT CAN NEVER be replaced, left behind or hurt. Not if you can help it, right? For this abandoned dog, found in Florida, he totally understood that friendship like this is impossible to ignore.

While driving down a Florida highway, a trucker named Dan O’Grady from Ohio, spotted a pup on his own on the shoulder. O’Grady pulled his truck over and attempted to help the dog but as he got closer, the pup barked and then retreated back into the wooded area near the highway.

O’Grady, as explained by the Humane Society of Summit County online, decided to follow the pup. AND it’s a good thing he did! “The frantic dog, a Jack Russell terrier, led Dan into the woods. It was clear the dog wanted him to see something. Under a bush Dan saw a white domestic rabbit huddled there. Dan scooped up the rabbit and headed back to the truck and the dog followed.”



O’Grady offered his new passengers what food he had on hand and made his way to the closest shelter. He gave them the perfect names too: Highway for the dog, and Interstate for the bunny. Once they arrived at the local shelter, O’Grady sadly discovered that the facility does not accept rabbits. They gladly took in Highway but Interstate had to be taken elsewhere. Knowing it was unlikely for the pair to remain together anyway, O’Grady agreed, especially since the local shelter could offer immediate veterinary care for Highway.


O’Grady and Interstate continued to Ohio where the Humane Society of Summit County welcomed the bunny with open arms.



Since their rescue, BOTH animals have been adopted out to forever homes. While they are not together physically, they will always be connected, thanks to a best friend who refused to leave his bunny buddy behind.