Rewarding our dogs should NEVER result in injury but, sadly, there are hidden dangers amongst popular snacks. We have heard warnings about rawhide but now another warning is emerging and if this snack is in your pantry, we urge you to reconsider giving it to your four-legged best friend.

Thanks to a story being shared by Wasson Memorial Veterinary Clinic, we can learn a valuable lesson about marrow bones. The dog featured in the photo below was in a world of hurt trying to enjoy a seemingly innocent snack. The clinic has published this photo on their Facebook page with this warning: “Watch out for marrow bones. Here’s another unlucky dog.”

Sadly, this is not an isolated incident. Recently in Toronto, a marrow bone became lodged in the same fashion on a puppy named Ginger. Ginger’s owner rushed her to a firehouse for help. Since the firefighters had never seen this type of injury and didn’t know exactly what to do, they immediately rushed Ginger to the nearby medical clinic. The veterinarian and medical team worked to assess the injury while firefighters used a Dremel saw to cut through the bone.


The challenge is the dog’s lower teeth actually aid in keeping the bone in place over the jaw, making removal even more daunting. And dangerous! Veterinarians also urge pet owners to stay away from marrow bones because they, like rawhide bones, can potentially tear the stomach lining.

So what is the best way to reward your pet? With cuddles of course! And if you’re dog is a chewer, consider man-made options like a Kong or a faux antler.

Our dogs are our babies! Taking big risks for small rewards is not worth it! Watch Ginger’s bone marrow rescue below! Don’t forget to SHARE this with friends so they too know the dangers of marrow bones!