Dogs, in my humble opinion, make the greatest companions. They faithfully remain at our side through good days, bad days, and in-between days. But as man’s best friend, are they capable of being as loyal to a child? ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY!

Meet Farley, a French Bulldog that was born on the exact same day as his human soulmate, Dilan. Dilan’s mom told The Daily Mail, “I saw Farley’s birth date and just knew it’s meant to be.”

Farley joined the family as a pup while Dilan was an infant. And they are so in sync, so inseparable, neither one has any idea one is a dog and one is a human. Their mom, a talented photographer, known for her attachment parenting photo series, has captured their loving moments perfectly! Each photo grabs your heart and tugs on its strings.

“I’m pretty sure Dilan thinks they’re both the same species, as they walk at the same level and are both going through the stage of chewing on everything.”

Naptime is the Pawfect time when you have a buddy by your side!

Is this a dream? ☁️

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 Yum! Doggy Kisses! 

Potty Training Has NEVER Been Cuter!

These two in action, or not in action, are paw-recious!

A little "behind the scenes"

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Aren’t dogs the greatest?

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