It is a proven fact: Dogs Rule. There is no debating that. However, if you’ve ever been owned by a dog, then you most likely wonder why they do the things they do. If they could speak human then we wouldn’t need to decode their behavior but sadly… they don’t. Not entirely.

Dogs aim to please their “pack leader” i.e. YOU. Personally, I consider myself more of a dog mom than a pack leader but since dogs are direct descendants of wolves, that pack mentality is instilled in your dog for life. This mentality causes certain behaviors; the same, or similar, behaviors they exhibited while they were their wild ancestors. Pretty cool, huh?

Decoding dog isn’t easy but here at I Love My Dog, we’ve got you covered!

Why She Takes Over The Bed

Because your dog is part of your pack, she wants to be with you all of the time. When our dogs were wolves, they slept together in a den, cave, or a specific place designated for sleep. Wolves sleep as a pack, staying close to one another to keep warm and safe. We are “their pack” and when they sleep, dogs (like wolves) tend to claim that spot as their own. “Their” bed is part of their territory, even though that bed is our bed. LOL!

Plus, as dogs get nice and comfy, they love to stretch out. Dogs also like to be as close as possible to us for reassurance and safety. Also, as wolves, sleeping as a pack assures they are together in case of danger. Sleeping means letting one’s guard down. Sticking together keeps a united front.

Why He Brings You Presents

Dogs like to show off their talents like playing fetch or finding “valuable” things in the yard. Your dog may like to drop their new found treasure into your lap as a way to show you their achievements as well as include you in their game. Most dogs are play-motivated and using an object that they are interested in to gain your interest is a game within itself.


Why She Sits At Your Feet

Your dog may like to lay at your feet for several reasons. One is to mark his territory. He can be saying “this here human is mine, do not attempt to take her from me.” Another reason may be so he feels close to you even though he’s exerting a tad of independence (like not being totally on your lap).

The most obvious reason a small dog will lie at your feet is because he or she was bred to do so! Miniature Poodles, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, and Chinese Imperial Dogs (a first cousin to the Shih Tzu) were bred by nobles to keep them warm while sitting in chairs or lying in bed.


Why He Yawns

Well, that’s because dogs can exhibit similar traits to humans. They yawn most likely because they are tired, bored, or just saw you yawn. Yawns are contagious, which can get pretty annoying at times, as we already know.


Why She Stares At You

Dogs stare at you because they adore you, you are their entire world, and they are very interested in what you are up to. Dogs will often stare at you while you are doing tasks around the house as well,  likely because they are curious. Especially if they think you may head over to the pantry to get them a T-R-E-A-T!


Why Your Dog Looks At You While He Poops

Dogs must remain in tune with their environment at all times. Pooping is the one time they must remain completely still and defenseless for however long it takes to potty. They cannot protect themselves so they look to you, their pack leader, for cues to run if there is danger or for you to come to them if they need help.



Being a pack leader is awesome. Even if you don’t realize it, you are shaping your dog and his behavior with your own actions. Never take that for granted. Show them love, set aside time for play, and try to forgive him if he hogs the bed. Your dog just wants to be as close to you as possible. Their love is unconditional, unwavering and totally free. ENJOY IT!