Angie is about 2 years old and was found on the streets. She soon became my foster failure. I've had her for 10 months now, and she is in training to be a service dog for my daughter. She is very loving❤️

Claire and Forrest

They are besties and can't ever be apart. They are a joy!!!


Kai just turned 5yrs old we rescued her from horrific conditions when she was 4 months old. She is our protector & companion. She loves all outdoor activities & going to the beach is her favorite!!!!


She is jack Russell/pit bull mix she is 3 years old and funny, loving, sweet, ball of energy. We love her so very much.


She is a black lab mix. Awesome personality. Loving and kind.


Charlie is a crazy spoiled dog that lives his family,walks,and car rides.


He is a big dorky stray who came to stay. He was in rough shape and we think he was buried alive judging his condition when we found him. He's grown to over 100# of love


Shadowe is a Ratshi Terrier! Mom is a Shih Tsu. Dad a Rat Terrier. Sweetest girl ever! Funny, goofy, playful & loving. Very smart!

Ole & Capone

Ole & Capone are the best of friends. He is a gentle giant and he is adhd. All about balance.


He is a rascal. And stubborn. He loves his sister pit bull foxy.


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