We live in a world chock full of funny, THANKFULLY! And nowadays, social media is the place to find the funniest of funny… with MEMES! They’re a simple guilty pleasure that are addictive to look at and perfect to share. Out of all the memes out there, dogs do it best. There’s no debating that fact! So we scoured the internet looking for the best of the best, the funniest of the funny and the most share-worthy! ENJOY!

10. Jail Break!

Whether you’re a supporter of crate training or not, you can appreciate this silly meme. That adorably wrinkly face, squished up against the “jail cell” is just too perfect not to caption. And this caption is EPIC!


9.  Whoops! I need to charge my dog.

In our fast paced society, one must always have their electronic devices charged… but what about our pets? HA! Just look at that Bulldog. He is definitely in need of some fuel.


8. (Adorable) Trouble Maker

Pet parents and human parents can appreciate this meme! Our “kids” are always getting into trouble and they just love to deny, deny, deny! Even if the evidence is written all over their faces!



7.  The Temperamental Pooper

Why oh WHY does this happen? I’ve met my fair share of perfectly trained dogs and yet, they still can’t get help themselves every now and then. It’s like they’re doing it on paw-pose!



6. The Revolving Door Dog

If you’re enslaved by a dog then you can TOTALLY appreciate this meme. I mean, seriously, can’t they pick a spot and just stick to it. Geez.



5. Sorry Not Sorry

The age old dog/cat debate just had to be memorialized in a meme. Although, many bipetual households exist without a hitch, this is mainly for the ones that have some, um, challenges.



4.  4 Legs vs. 8 Legs

Do you have a bit of arachnophobia? Mine is full-blown and I have no shame in admitting that. Neither does this dog. HA!



3.  Dachshunds And Inappropriate Humor


No list is complete without this meme. ‘Nuff said.



2. Social Misfit


When crazy looks this good, you just have to share the spotlight. Now this is one pawfect photobomb!




And finally, our number 1 Funny Dog Meme is … DRUM ROLL PLEASE!


I LOVE THIS ONE! Imagine if our “babies” found out they’re not actually our babies. There would be some serious drama, like in this photo!


We hope you enjoyed our Best Of List 😀 If you’d like to see more posts like this one, please comment and let us know! And don’t forget to share!