This poor dog, named Gemma, was chained up to her house and left to die during Hurricane Harvey. She had a whole litter of puppies. But only the two pups that stood on the top step while the waters rose, survived.

Finding her and her two pups alive was a miracle! Houston K-911 Rescue had spent months in the area helping strays and badly treated pets. They knew that area needed help. As soon as they were able to get into Gemma’s neighborhood after the hurricane, they rushed over. They were in shock to see Gemma chained to the porch with her two pups beside her. Their survival was truly miraculous. Next to her, and her two pups, was a houseplant that seemed to be in better shape than they were. Almost as if it had received more tender care than they did. Despicable!

As the rescuers approached, Gemma growled and barked but once they got close enough to remove the chain, her mood totally changed! She knew she was being rescued!

Gemma and her pups have extensive medical issues, including parasites, skin infections, and malnourishment. The puppies were named Opal and Onyx and are about two months old. Old enough to be in a separate foster home, getting nice and healthy (and independent) so they can be adopted.

Gemma is in a separate foster home getting loads of TLC. She will likely remain in foster care for a while until her health issues improve. But her foster mom doesn’t mind one bit. She LOVES Gemma to pieces! Gemma is a four-legged miracle (and so are her pups!)


Gemma is getting lots of love from her foster mom in the video below! Watching this made my whole body smile!