Shocking many, Millennials were reportedly the largest group of home buyers in 2016, according to a report by CNN Money. But the driving force for this surge was not marriage or kids. It was something way furrier. You guessed it… Their dogs!


A survey conducted by Harris Poll reports that 33% of Millennials looked to buy a home to have more space for their dogs. Where marriage made up only 25% and having children fell behind at 19%.


Millennials keep surprising the world with their non-traditional goals and aspirations. Most preferring careers as entrepreneurs instead of traditional roles in corporate America. As well as delaying marriage and having children. A Gallup Poll in 2016 showed that 59% of Millennials haven’t married yet compared to 36% of Generation Xers of the same age.

BUT one thing is for certain, Millennials LOVE their dogs! In 2015, American Pet Products Association found Millennials are making more purchases for their pets, like toys and clothing, than any other age group. They are also more likely to own a pet compared to the Baby Boomer generation.


So, while society pokes fun at their beards, home-brewed beer, and cravings for avocado toast, one thing is for certain: Millennials are the #1 dog lovers in America. Way to go!