Like many in the Houston area, this man had to evacuate his home quickly! He was going to ride out the storm but then things got really bad. Sadly, he had to choose his own survival and pray his animals would be okay and make it through the storm. But he prepared himself for the absolute worst.

He makes his way up his driveway that looks like a stream, and then suddenly, swimming toward him, is a very special someone: Patty!!! His precious pig, Patty. Seeing Patty brought him to tears. Her survival was miracle enough but as he walked further on, he saw more of his precious family! He calls out to them by name. He tries not to cry but how could he help it? So much emotion. So much relief. And so much love pours out of him.

These are his family members, his pets, his world. The fact that most of them survived is truly miraculous. What a beautiful reunion! What a beautiful man. I’m so glad they’re safe. The video below is SO worth the watch! Who’s cutting onions in here???