A sweet little Jack Russell Terrier was found wandering around a shopping center all by herself in a small town in New Zealand. When a kind stranger approached the pup, he noticed a small note written on her collar. The note read: “Hi my name is Roxy. My owner can’t look after me. Can you?”

He brought her to the SPCA Auckland where she is being well cared for. The SPCA has taken to Facebook to try to find out who abandoned Roxy. She deserves better! Abandoning a pet is against the law! There are plenty of simple and safe ways to give up a pet without leaving them in a strange place. Besides the fact that it’s not safe, Roxy had no food or water! What if she ran off and was hit by a car? What if someone took her and hurt her? The possibilities are endless!


If you or someone you know cannot care for your pet, do the right thing! The SPCA Auckland posted: “We understand that circumstances can change for pet owners and that sometimes families are in a position where they genuinely can’t care for their animals anymore—we want you to know there is always another option and people who can help. Abandoning an animal like this is an offense under the Animal Welfare Act 1999.”

Life throws us curveballs. Lost jobs, health issues, divorce, lost homes… regardless of our tragic circumstance, our pets are FAMILY. We can’t just discard them like they are trash.

There is no excuse for what happened to Roxy! NONE whatsoever!