If more towns got on board with this genius idea, email would be a dying art, not snail mail! In a small seaside town, called Portree, located in Scotland, their cutest employee also serves an important purpose.

Walking into the Portree Post Office, you get that cozy small town feel. The locals are friendly. The shop is quaint and you’re always greeted with a smile. A furry smile that is…

Meet Jax! The Post Master’s fur-kid that is also the Official Stamp Licker. Yes, you read that correctly. He doesn’t just greet you with a smile and a tail wag, he has an actual job. In fact, he takes his job so seriously that if you don’t pay careful attention, he will lick your stamp right up. Like totally devour it.

His dad, Ray Chandler, figured Jax should be with him instead of being home alone and put that tongue to good use! The townsfolk love it. Rumor has it that there is more letter writing going on now than there was two years prior when Jax wasn’t around. Makes sense, huh?


What a cutie!