Veronica Silva had a “ruff” time on her wedding day. She desperately wanted her rescue pup, JakeBear, to be present at her wedding but planning it all out was a logistical nightmare.

Who would hang out with JakeBear at the reception when the couple was busy with guests, photographers and other wedding hoopla? Who would watch him after the reception when the couple had their special night and then their honeymoon? Experiencing all this stress herself was a total wake up call. Were all pet parents having the same issue? And if so, what could she do about it?

Well, she did the PAWFECT thing about it! She started her own company called Pawfect For You. The company is a wedding day pet care service that offers transportation, bathing, petsitting and overnight accommodations to pet parents who want their fur kids to be a part of their special day but don’t want to ask a wedding guest to pet-sit before, during and after the affair.

Silva explains on her website: “I was trying to find a pet sitting service that would take care of our dog on our wedding day, but would also bring JakeBear to the church and venue to be in some of our pictures. Of course at a minimum, that meant driving the dog to the church for pictures after the ceremony, and I didn’t want to ask one of our friends, since they were all part of our wedding.”




The idea is absolutely genius! Silva’s company also offers services for engagement parties, proposals and wedding rehearsals. To be able to enjoy your special day, with your dog at your side, is absolutely priceless!



To learn more about Pawfect For You and Silva’s pawsome vision, check out the video below!