Dog lovers rarely take their pups for granted. We know how much they mean to us and how much we mean to them. We are their world and without them, our world feels pretty darn empty. So, if something separates us, we will go through whatever it takes to find them. These three reunion stories prove that the love shared between human and pooch is everlasting, no matter what obstacle gets in the way.



They Made It Through The Storm

Jeff has been hospitalized for cancer at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and remained there when Hurricane Harvey struck. Over the course of his stay, he kept routine visits with his dog Auryn, which had been beneficial to both of them. But because of the hurricane, the roads were too badly flooded for Auryn to get to Jeff.

Both Jeff and Auryn missed each other desperately. So, as the waters receded, Auryn was brought to the hospital to be reunited with his dad. The way he looks at Jeff when he sees him coming, that high pitch bark, the tail wags… it’s got to be one of the most incredible sights I’ve ever seen. There is just so much love between these two. Similar to the one a father has for his child, and a child has for his father.


When The Law Is On Your Side

This couple’s dog, “Baby Boy,” went missing and they were completely devastated. A woman had bought an identical looking dog from a girl for $50 around the same time. The story seemed unlikely so the couple brought the woman to Judge Judy.

There were tears on both sides and both parties were insistent that the dog belonged to them, but when it came time to decide who the dog really belonged to according to the law, Judge Judy used her wisdom to do something unexpected! She had the dog brought into the courtroom and it was the dog that decided! What happened next is so moving… I totally lost it!


Second Chances

A young man named Chance was hit by a drunk driver while driving in his car with his two dogs. He was left with a broken leg, broken ribs, a broken elbow and a lacerated lung. His dog, Carlitos, was tragically killed on impact. His other dog, Izzy, a beautiful Pit Bull, was nowhere to be found. The accident was so traumatic that she fled the scene.

The community came together and looked for Izzy day and night! And she was FOUND! Chance, still recovering in a wheelchair, goes to see his pup after their separation. Their reunion is so incredibly moving. Izzy’s tail wags speak volumes!


Three very different reunions but all equally touching!

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” —Roger Caras