When Caterina Dellabona walked by a house one day, she saw an unusual sign posted on their gate. It read, translated from Italian, “Please Don’t Throw The Toy On The Cacti (The Dog Will Hurt Himself). Throw Either Left Or Right. Thanks.”

Having no idea what this meant, she was pretty confused. But then Dellabona saw this adorable dog make his way over to her, with a toy in his mouth. “He looked at us, wagging his tail, then picked his toy up and poked his head through the fence,” Dellabona told The Dodo. “It was wide enough for his head to fit comfortably but not enough for his body to go through so it was safe.”

Due to his friendly nature, this little dog asked everyone who passed by to play with him by saying “hello” and bringing his toy over. But passersby didn’t realize there were cactus plants nearby and kept throwing his toy in the danger zone. To keep him safe, his humans made the sign.

So, as the little dog requested, Dellabona took the toy from the dog and threw it for him, carefully avoiding the cacti as requested. The dog was happy to play with her and they continued to do so for about ten minutes. When Dellabona stopped, the dog was a bit sad, but she had to go.

Now, every time Dellabona passes the house, she happily plays with her new friend… always careful to avoid the cacti. No matter how long she plays with him, he’s always sad to see her go but she knows she will continue to return to see her favorite playmate.


Photos Courtesy of Caterina Dellabona‎ via Facebook