Barry Gearhart explains, tearfully, what the worst day of his life was like. His beloved Pit Bull, named Titan, was stolen from his truck. The pain Gearhart felt was immeasurable and he spent the next YEAR looking for Titan. He never lost hope.

Gearhart posted photos of Titan on Facebook and offered a reward. He reposted and shared Titan’s picture over and over again. Gearhart felt that Titan was out there and he wanted him home! Suddenly, Gearhart gets a Facebook notification! A person had commented on his post that Titan looked exactly like “Hank,” a Pit Bull at a local shelter. Gearhart couldn’t get out the door and drive to the shelter fast enough.

That’s when he learned that “Hank” was a week away from being euthanized. As an older Pit Bull, his chance of being adopted were slim. In tears, Gearhart sees “Hank”… Can it be? Is “Hank” really Titan? You’ll just have to watch to find out!