When Tina Wismar lost her senior dog due to old age, she planned a trip to the local shelter in New Jersey, East Coast Claws and Paws. But… her plans were just to look, not adopt.

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Wismar wasn’t sure if she was ready for a new dog after her recent heartbreak. Then, Wismar and her two sons saw Juno and Jordan and her plan to just “look” went straight out the window.

“We went to the shelter, which was just a few minutes down the road from my house, and we started playing with these dogs,” Wismar told The Dodo. “They were just wonderful.”


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Juno and Jordan were the only survivors of a litter that the mother couldn’t nurse so they had to be bottle-fed. They also relied on one another for love and support, deeply bonding them in the process.

“They were just interacting and playing and nipping at each other,” Wismar said. “They were so attached to each other. If one would run off, the other would follow right behind, and they’d be tumbling on the floor together, and they were both licking and kissing me and my sons. They were like a show — an act. ”

When shelter workers asked Wismar which dog she would pick to go home with her, her answer was simple… “Both!”


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Raising a puppy is hard work… raising two is just crazy! Between housebreaking and learning their new world in their new home, Juno and Jordan kept the family busy! Each day was an adventure but was all made worth it! Especially when the pups’ bond continued to grow!

“They are just adorable, running around with each other and constantly looking for each other,” Wismar said. “To this day, they’re inseparable. If one is outside, the other one needs to be outside. If one jumps in the car, the other jumps in the car.”

The best part is: They’re still as deeply bonded as they were from day one! (If not more!)


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Even though the pair is inseparable, they still have distinct personalities. Jordan is more of a cuddly couch potato while Juno can be more of a chewer. Especially with socks! He is also more of a romantic, eager to kiss everyone he meets. D’awww!

In spite of the hard work, and bringing them home in the most unexpected way, Wismar’s life is that much more complete because of the inseparable pup-brothers. They complete each other… And together, they complete the Wismar family.


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Source: The Dodo