Warning: Jerky Pet Treats Kill 1,000 Dogs, 3 Humans


Woah… take heed, dog lovers: Jerky pet treats made in China may have killed more than 1,000 dogs and at least 3 people — and no one seems to know why. The Food and Drug Administration has been investigating this issue for seven years, but it’s still in the dark about what’s making these chewy treats harmful to thousands of pets. What’s making things more complicated is that the snacks are sold by various companies and under various brands.

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Whats just as bad is the fact that ALL the company’s that say made in the USA are. BUT what they are putting into them they BUY from CHINA !!!! So you are still putting you dogs in danger !!! I will not buy any treats !! I make my own !!

MANY products are made IN the USA but ingredients are IMPORTED! Dog food & treats.

I purchase Full Moon treats for my pets. Not only are they made in the USA, but they are SOURCED in the USA, from local farms. The chickens, pigs and cows are fed all natural diets and are free from hormones and steroids.

Pretty sure it made 3 ppl sick (2 toddlers and 1 adult) not kill 3 ppl. but either way these treats are poison in a bag. they need to remove them

WE reap what we sow. You want cheap prices from Walmart, you want $30 hour pay plus the best healthcare. Well this is your reward. This is the tip of the iceberg for selling out to China. You LAZY Americans lie around drinking like harlots, sodomizing your male partner, corruption our children with this filth on TV and your upset because China is selling poison dog treats. HAve you ever heard of FLUORIDE ? It’s the main ingredient in RAT poison. HOW ABOUT NutraSweet ? That’s a good one — Donald Rumsfeld aspartame Pepsi scam under the “Great” Ronnie Reagan – Google it. Why are Greenies still on the market after killing many dogs. Go take another Xanax, get your six pack of micro beer & watch the Simpsons tonight & shut your 375 pound pie hole.

Easy solution is to make your own! It isn’t very hard to do and you know for sure what you are feeding the fur babies 🙂

Yesterday I called a company in North Bergen nj to see where their strips come from since it was not on the bag they told me they come from Mexico and China then she said China for the one I was calling about and that it should be on the bag where it is from but it is not so I asked to speak to a supervisor I was told she is in Nevada then I asked for the Pres or vice pres they are in Europe and she suggested I call back I don’t understand why we get stuff from China they killed their own babies with tanted formula and they r trying to kill our pets and us wake up America do not buy anything from China they want us all dead so they can take over our country

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