Life hacks are awesome. They’re simple tips and tricks that you’d never have thought of and that help make some of the most basic struggles and complications in life a breeze to deal with. There are life hacks for all kinds of things: from why horror movies are great date ideas to how to get free drinks from vending machines (warning… this is not a guaranteed effort) to how to make your thesis seem longer than it is without adding a single word.

So it makes sense that there are life hacks for dogs. And these seven are pretty cool.

1. How to Remove Dog Hair from your Carpet

For many dog owners, a carpet is the bane of their domestic existence. All those tiny bristly hairs… unless you have a vacuum cleaner that looks like it was invented on the set of Star Trek and costs more than your car, you’re in for a miserable, literally hair-pulling life. Unless you have a squeegee handy. Or a pair of rubber gloves. Genius.

2. How to Stop Your Dog from Eating Like a Maniac

You know the type. Some dogs attack their food like it’s trying to run away. Dogs who gulp their meals down too quickly risk all kinds of digestive problems, like gas, bloating or vomiting. Should you go out and buy a fancy slow-feeding dog bowl with multiple compartments? Or should you go out and buy a tennis ball?

3. What to Do When You Run Out of Pet Carpet Cleaner

This one’s almost too easy.

4. How to Tie Your Dog to a Post and Not Worry About Your Knot-Tying Skills

How many times have you made the best knot possible when you need to tie your dog up for a few minutes? You’re outdoors, you need to run into a restaurant or shop or some other non-dog-friendly place, and you’re convinced you’ve secured your pooch with your Navy SEAL-like knot tying skills. Only, every second that you spend inside, you worry more and more that your dog has figured out a way to get free. Turns out that all you need is one easy-to-find helper.

Okay, that’s enough for a teaser. Watch the video to discover the last three life hacks for dog owners!