9 Summer Essentials to Keep Dogs Cool

The dog days of summer are right around the corner, and that means spending spending all day outside with your pooch. From dog cooling mats to hydrating dog toys, these summer must-haves will keep your pup having fun in the sun for longer.

1. TechNiche Cooling Dog Coat

A German Shepherd Runs While Wearing the TechNiche Cooling Dog Coat.

“I’ll admit it. I have a vest-ed interest in this company!” – Photo by Facebook.com/TechNicheInternational

Have you ever thought it would make your dog’s life a lot easier if she could sweat? Available in a range of sizes, the TechNiche Cooling Dog Coat will give your dog the perspire she desires. The fabric is designed to work with her natural cooling process to create a “sweat-like” system and evaporate water on the jacket when it gets hot. All you need to do is soak it in water for a couple of minutes before putting it on.

TechNiche Cooling Dog Coat is $32.87 on Chewy.

2. KONG Aqua Dog Toy

A German Shepherd plays with a KONG Aqua toy.

“Maybe next time don’t throw it THAT far.” – Photo by Amazon

When it comes to dog toys, KONG is one of the big boys. The “pupular” brand provides playthings for every occasion, including lake days. KONG Aqua Dog Toy gives Fido the chance to play fetch out on the water. Swing it, fling it and watch him bring it back to shore. The durable rope makes it great for tug of war and helps humans throw it farther than ever before.

KONG Aqua Dog Toy is $15.99 on Amazon.

3. Jasonwell Foldable Pool

A Husky enjoys his dog pool.

“I swear I’m loving this.” – Photo by @nukas_resilientpack

While a pool in the backyard might be a pipe dream for you, installing one for Fido doesn’t have to be. In fact, Jasonwell Foldable Pool allows you to place one wherever you are, thanks to its easy-to-use foldable design. This portable pool is ideal for dogs on the move who love to splash and play in the water. The best part is that it doesn’t require inflation and it’s made of extra-tough PVC to prevent scratches.

Jasonwell Foldable Pool is $29.99 on Amazon.

4. Superjare Outdoor Dog Bed

A dog enjoys his elevated and shaded dog bed.

“This bed lifts my spirits.” – Photo by @findlay_hayden_bc

Playing outside is overrated. Laying outside is where it’s at. With the easy-to-install Superjare Outdoor Dog Bed, your pooch can hang out with you all day, even if there isn’t a cloud in the sky. The two biggest ways a dog bed gets hot on sunny days is exposure to direct sunlight from above and the ground overheating below. This one is raised and has a canopy, protecting from both of these heat sources. It’s also made from breathable fabric, which will keep your canine comfy.

Superjare Outdoor Dog Bed is $73.99 on Amazon.

5. Pikolai Outdoor Water Dispenser

A Retreiver Steps on the Pikolai Outdoor Water Dispenser to Drink Water.

“Oh, this is what you mean by step on it!” – Photo by Amazon

If your dog wants to stay and play outside in the sun, how do you make sure she keeps hydrated? It won’t take long for a bowl of water to become contaminated with hair, mud and creepy crawlies. Pikolai Outdoor Water Dispenser solves the problem by giving pups access to fresh water at the paw of a button. Simply connect the split-adapter to your hose, and your pooch can quench her thirst whenever she likes.

Pikolai Outdoor Water Dispenser is $51.99 on Amazon.

6. All For Paws Chill Out Ice Bandana

A dog wears an ice bandana to beat the summer heat.

“Ice, ice, baby.” – Photo by @sprockettdogs

Similar to a dog cooling vest, this ice bandana is a great accessory for pups who love to sunbathe. Fit the bandana to your furry friend, remove it, run it under water, and place it in the freezer for a few hours (around a frozen item like an ice cream tub to keep its shape). And voila, you’ll be left with a super-chill, comfortable and wearable canine ice pack.

All For Paws Chill Out Ice Bandana starts at $8.49 on Amazon.

7. Happy Hours Dog Hat

A dog wears her dog hat while playing outside.

“Hats off? I think you mean hats on!” – Photo by Amazon

From droopy sun hats in Renaissance paintings to cowboy hats of the Old West, shady headwear has been utilized by humans for sun protection for centuries, so why not protect our dog’s faces in the same way? Happy Hours Dog Hat is a baseball cap with ear holes that welcome even the pointiest of ears to protrude comfortably, and a strap underneath that keeps it safe and secure on the head of active pups all day long.

Happy Hours Dog Hat is $8.29 on Amazon.

8. My Dog Nose It! Sun Protection Balm

Dogs Looks at Woman's Hand Holding a Pot of My Dog Nose It! Sun Protection Balm.

“Dogs burn too, y’all!” – Photo by @shuffle_all

Every dog is susceptible to sunburn. Even the hairiest of hounds have vulnerable areas with less of a covering. My Dog Nose It! Sun Protection Balm can help keep your dog safe without the toxic ingredients found in certain human sunscreens. You can use it on your pup’s nose, ears and other exposed areas to protect, soothe and heal by adding moisture. Pair it with a dog coat and body spray to disperse the protectant evenly across your pup.

My Dog Nose It! Sun Protection Balm is $12.94 on Chewy.

9. K&H Pet Products Coolin’ Comfort Bed

Retriever Receives Pets on a Blue K&H Pet Products Coolin' Comfort Bed.

“Cool bed, right?” – Photo by @adventures_of_flerken

Dogs who suffer from excessive panting on hot days need somewhere to lay that helps, rather than overheating them even more. Just add water to the K&H Coolin’ Comfort Bed, and your pooch will have somewhere icy-cold to hang out for hours. The orthopedic core makes it great for dogs of all ages, shapes and needs.

K&H Pet Products Coolin’ Comfort Bed is $46.64 on Amazon.

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