Poor Duke is one of millions of abandoned dogs in this world, but as you’ll soon find out, he’s one of the luckier ones.

This poor pooch was left chained to his dog house without any food or water. His cruel owner wanted to get rid of him by throwing him in the river. Duke was down to only 19 pounds, and for a dog his size, that is criminally underweight.

Luckily for this dog, he was found by Ilioupolis Animal Welfare Union‘s volunteers in rural Greece. After a successful rehabilitation stint (which shows just how strong Duke’s spirit is), he was up to 37 pounds and full of life.

In no time at all, Duke was back to being a dog that just loves people. Dogs always prove how truly noble they are.

The good news didn’t end there for this once-homeless dog. He was also able to find a forever home; in fact, he even got a trip thrown into the bargain; no one wanted the lovable little guy in Greece, but Duke found a family in Denmark who was only too happy to adopt him.

And the love he shows his new family is nothing short of adorable. Time and time again, we learn that the saying “There aren’t bad dogs, just bad owners,” is proven to be right. Duke is a perfect example of that.

All this abandoned dog needed was a little love; now he has loads and loads of it!