Being apart from a loved one is never easy. Especially when it’s one of our “kids”… furry or flesh covered. In this heartwarming video, a man had been away from his dog for a very long time.

Three entire years! When they are finally reunited, the dog isn’t quite sure if that’s the man he’s been waiting for. But once he realizes that it is, OH EM GEE, his reaction is off the charts! This video is proof that the heart has a memory. Even if our brain can’t process something right away, once our heart kicks in, the rest follows. This dog’s response to seeing his favorite person is proof that our fur kids know exactly who we are no matter how long we’re apart for!


They love us forever– and if we have to say goodbye, it’s wonderful to know that no matter how long we’re gone for, they will be happy to see us. And greet us as if we’re the most important person on earth. Their person! This is why I LOVE DOGS!