Apollo spent six months watching as other dogs left the shelter to go to their forever homes. He was rejected over and over again and his days were numbered. The shelter’s evaluation “deemed him as having too much energy” and he was headed towards euthanasia.

But then the shelter had a light bulb moment. They contacted
a local K9 trainer. Apollo’s personality, always eager to please those around him, was exactly what K9 trainers typically look for.

The trainer agreed to take Apollo. But then for an entire year, Apollo faced even more rejection! Departments kept passing Apollo up for other canine candidates.

But then the Tukwila Police Department learned about Apollo and fate finally took a turn in the right direction. The department wrote online:

“No one would give him a chance simply because he was a pit bull, who often have bad reputations based on misconceptions and lack of training.”

Then added: “We decided to give Apollo that chance and we are glad that we did. Apollo finished narcotics school in November of last year and did indeed finish first in his class.”

The entire department loves Apollo! They are quick to give him pets and “Good Boys.” And best of all, Apollo has a forever home with his handler and his family. The department wrote: “He has brought great joy to all of us at the department in addition to being a very productive and hard worker. He is now a part of his handler’s personal family and the family of the Tukwila Police Department.”

Like so many other Pit Bulls, Apollo is improving the lives of those around him. Hopefully Apollo’s story will serve as a reminder that Pit Bulls should not be passed over just because of breed stigma.

Apollo finally found his perfect place. The entire community agrees that he’s one fine police dog!