Golden Retriever Who’s Always Loved Puppies Finally Gets One Of His Own

Golden Retrievers are known to be sweet, playful dogs, and Pork certainly lives up to that.

But something was always missing. Pork loves other dogs and really needed a brother or sister of his own. That’s when his owners finally decided to get him a new puppy sister!

Viral Paws/Youtube

Their owners brought the new puppy, named Teddy Sugar, home, and made sure to capture Pork and Teddy Sugar’s first meeting on video.

Pork starts off by smelling the new pup of the family, as Teddy Sugar quickly starts wagging her tail. Teddy Sugar may be much smaller than Pork, but she’s certainly not afraid of him. She leans in toward him to get some more sniffs while Pork does the same.

Viral Paws/Youtube

Then Pork goes right into play mode, pouncing all over the place. He’s clearly very excited to have a new little sister. Teddy Sister doesn’t hesitate to play back, and starts licking, nibbling and crawling all over Pork.

By the end of their first meeting, the two of them are so exhausted and curl up next to each other for a nap.

Viral Paws/Youtube

It’s obvious that these two are going to be the best of friends!

Watch their heartwarming meeting in the video below:

He Stalks ‘Unkempt’ Dog To Sacred Place No One’s Allowed Into

One dog that’s covered in filth and matted beyond belief won’t let anyone near her. When someone tries to approach, she runs away. She’s fast too! When someone finally followed her, the poor dog led him to another dog that looks just like her!

Source: SBSTV

The man follows both dogs to a house filled with trash. It’s surrounded by dangerous things that could harm them. But then the man realizes why the two dogs hide. They’re protecting something sacred.

Source: SBSTV

Their baby!

Source: SBSTV

The man thinks that the dogs are on their own but then the strangest thing happens. A woman walks to the house and goes right in through the door. The dogs don’t even seem to mind.

The man is in awe. He goes and knocks on the door and asks if she’s the dogs’ caretaker. She doesn’t want to deal with him and gets angry. So he goes over to the neighbors and pleads for them to help. They try to talk to the angry woman.

Source: SBSTV

She says she feeds them but that is all. She can’t care for them other than that because she can’t “catch them.” They also run from her. The neighbors beg to let the man help. They tell her they need to be bathed and groomed.

She finally gives in. A rescue group is called in and now it is time to get these dogs the help that they need. They come with a vet that volunteers his time. First, they catch the puppy. They say he’s too weak to run away. So sad!

Source: SBSTV

Then they work on catching mom. She hides in the trash pile. They try to get to her but she’s spooked and takes off. She hides beneath a car.

With the net in hand, the animal rescuers approach. They have to push her out. It’s scary, sure, but she needs help! Once she’s in the crate, the vet walks over. He’s appalled by her condition. He says it’s been at least five years since she was bathed and groomed last. How terrible!

Source: SBSTV

They rescue the daddy dog next. Once all the dogs are safe in the crates, it’s time to head to the medical center. The mama dog is okay but they have to get all the matted hair off of her. They can’t even imagine how she’s been nursing her baby like this!

Source: SBSTV

They shave pounds and pounds of hair off of her. She’s going to feel so much better!

After both dogs are shaved, they give them clothes to wear to keep them warm. Losing all that hair is a shock to the system. They don’t want them to be cold.

Source: SBSTV

Now that they’re all in good condition, they will be sent to a family who can care for them. The rescue group is going to do all they can to keep the doggy family together. That’s great news! We are thrilled that these dogs are now safe and clean. Here’s to a new happy life, doggy family!

Source: SBSTV



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She takes in all pups, including old and injured pups who would be put down in a pound. They come to Sherri’s animal rescue to find shelter, and with luck, eventually, a forever family who will adopt them. Not everyone wants to adopt old or hurt pups, even though they need a home too.

Her friend Susan knows how hard her life can be, and she contacted Prank It FWD to help Sherri show her pups and volunteers the love they deserve. We can’t really describe how beautiful this video is. Sherri and her volunteers definitely deserve all the love they get on this day, and we are so happy all these pups get to live in their forever homes!