Woman Ties Dog To Car And Drags Him Alongside Car On Busy Street Full Of Traffic

A woman was caught on camera driving her car and dragging her dog on a leash alongside her moving car. She kept driving her car while her male passenger held the exhausted dog by the leash and made him run with the speeding car.

Source: China News/Daily Mail

This disturbing turn of events has been captured by some locals and the traffic cameras. In this video, we see the woman driving her red car along the busy streets, while the dog is seen panting as he tries to keep up with the car. She kept at it for a full 20 minutes before finally disappearing from the view of the cameras. Spread the word and help the cops find the owner of this car.

Update: The woman was later tracked by the cops. When confronted, she claimed that there was no space in the car for her dog, so she made him take a “walk” instead. The vile woman boldly said that she didn’t think she was doing anything wrong.

Source: China News/Daily Mail

The dog has been taken to the vet and is reportedly doing okay. The woman was later let off with a meager fine of $15. Do you think this punishment is enough for this woman’s case of animal cruelty? Let us know in the comments.

Click the video below to watch the footage of the dog being dragged alongside the car by his abusive owner.

Why Pet CBD Could Be the Next Miracle Drug for Dogs:

Source Photo Credit: https://flic.kr/p/izx1LB

If your dog’s medicine cabinet is starting to look like a pharmacy (should your dog even have a medicine cabinet?), pet CBD could be the answer to all of your problems. For years, veterinarians have been prescribing drugs for anxiety with names like alprazolam, amitriptyline, and clomipramine. CBD is easier to pronounce and perhaps more effective than any of these pharmaceutical alternatives.
There’s been a shift in recent years toward natural remedies, essential oils and plant extracts to help fight the symptoms of disease in humans, and this trend is starting to be adopted by dog owners. Lavender, chamomile and peppermint are all well and good but none of them contain the powerful properties of CBD, which works in tandem with the body’s genetic makeup.

How Pet CBD Works:

The human and canine central nervous systems are both linked with the endocannabinoid system. This is a series of receptors in the brain that controls recovery and health in the body, regulating the immune system and helping us (and our dogs) to feel better when sickness takes over. Everything from anxiety to cancer is linked to this system in our body. When CBD is consumed, it goes to work on foreign cannabinoids produced within the body (nasty ones that cause problems).

Rather than directly attacking the issue, it indirectly activates positive receptors in the body, like TRPV1 receptors that help to control pain perception, body temperature and inflammation (all symptoms of common illnesses in dogs). CBD is unlike most chemically processed medication that has gone before because it promotes activity in the body and brain, rather than depressing it in parts of the central nervous system.

What Is CBD:

CBD is a natural remedy derived from plants. People have been consuming it in one way or another for around 6,000 years. When cannabis was essentially made illegal in the United States in 1937, hemp oil was outlawed along with it, despite it having no narcotic effect. Unfortunately, this law prevented proper research on the healing properties of the plant extract. As a result, we (and our pets) may have missed out on a natural remedy that can potentially treat a range of issues.

There are two main types of CBD oil: one is derived from the male plant (hemp) and the other from the female (marijuana). The type that is recommended for use on dogs is hemp oil, which contains less than 0.3% THC (the ingredient that gets users high). Taking hemp oil will not get your dog high, but it might prove to be what you’ve been looking for to get your dog back on his paws, feeling happy and healthy again.

Source Photo Credit: https://flic.kr/p/acf5Xc

What It Can Do:

Source Photo Credit: https://flic.kr/p/2cpE2dk

Most conventional medication is administered according to strict rules. Take three of these twice daily to help with this, take five of these before bed to deal with that, but don’t take this after that or your dog will get sick. All of these instructions can leave your head spinning. One of the great benefits of CBD for pets is that it can be used to treat the symptoms of numerous problems, replacing pills that often counteract each other. Among other ailments, pet CBD has been used on dogs to:

  • Help battle seizures from epilepsy
  • Soothe skin irritation and inflammation
  • Minimize pain
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Alleviate feelings of nausea
  • Combat heart disease
  • Relieve the painful symptoms of cancer

It won’t take you long to find tales of CBD curing illnesses in dogs that no other drug could manage, or soothing a dog’s anxiety when nothing else worked. But arguably nothing is as miraculous as the story of Tinkerbell, the 13-year-old Pomeranian from California. As an aging dog, Tinkerbell’s health was starting to deteriorate. She was suffering from liver disease and having regular seizures. Her owner, Emma Smith, was advised by her veterinarian to have Tinkerbell euthanized. Instead, upon the recommendation of a local dispensary, Smith decided that she would try one more thing. With a lot of faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust (CBD), Tinkerbell’s life has turned around. Since using CBD, she has stopped having seizures, and the pain from her liver disease has become more manageable.

Another aspect of CBD which suggests it could be a miracle cure for your canine companion is the number of different ways it can be consumed. Gone are the days of being forced to hide pills inside your dog’s food. When you purchase CBD oil to drop in your dog’s mouth, you’re getting the fastest acting and safest form of the product. There’s no chalky casing and filler like many other medicines. Of course, you can also get CBD in pill and capsule form if you want to stick to the sneaky method, but it’s also available as a tincture and can be even more stealthily hidden in delicious dog treats. With flavors ranging from maple bacon for the meat lover to kale and carrot for the tree hugger, there’s a CBD treat for every dog’s taste.

Pet CBD is a multi-purpose, natural and safe method for treating symptoms in common canine illnesses. It’s easy to see why it could be the next miracle drug for dogs.

203 Animals Found A Home While He Was Left Behind, He Has No One To Play With

A Kansas City, Missouri rescue group, Wayside Waifs, held a massive adoption event. People came out in droves to support the event and by the end, 203 animals were adopted. In fact, all the dogs were adopted except for one, Kenny, a Pit Bull mix.

Source: Wayside Waifs/Facebook

Rescue workers were shocked. Not only is Kenny adorable but he has a wonderful personality. He’s playful and sweet– and adores people. Why he was left behind is a total mystery.

Kenny’s past is a bit unclear. He was transferred to the rescue group after a stint with the Louisiana SPCA. But never mind where he came from, he’s a great dog that is full of smiles.

Source: Wayside Waifs/Facebook

“Kenny is a fun, friendly and happy dog,” Casey Waugh, a manager at Wayside Waifs, told The Dodo. “He’s definitely a people dog! Yesterday a volunteer took him on a field trip. The volunteer described him as ‘a dream.’ They went to get ice cream, they visited a nearby park/lake where Kenny waded in the water, then they stopped by a local pet store where he became friends with everyone who worked there.”

The rescue group spared nothing and put all their energy into finding Kenny a forever home. They posted all of Kenny’s favorite things to do on their Facebook page, including going to the park and getting tons of snuggles.

Source: Wayside Waifs/Facebook

Here’s a clip of what they posted:

“I’m confident, athletic, and I have a knack for reading people really well. I love the agility park. It makes me feel happy to accomplish the exercises and I have so much fun! … I am a strong dog and sometimes I pull on my leash, but a harness works really well to keep me by your side. I will need daily exercise in my life to help me stay happy, healthy, and calm. And besides the physical activity that I crave, it’s important to me to be able to use my brain. Please give me jobs to do and teach me what you expect from me. The sky is the limit with what I can learn!”

“I’m also an affectionate dog who loves attention from you. I like to get my belly rubbed and I like to curl up next to you and cuddle. I also enjoy playing with toys and I can entertain myself with them if you’re busy.” 

Source: Wayside Waifs/Facebook

Kenny truly sounds like an amazing dog! No wonder everyone was scratching their heads! Then, thankfully, their prayers were answered! A nice woman inquired about Kenny and said she could give him a loving home. Wayside Waifs posted this:


“By now you’ve likely heard about Kenny, the only dog left after our Adoptathon event earlier this month. We’re happy to report that he found his forever home this weekend!

Wayside’s adoption counselors could tell his new mom put a lot of thought into this adoption prior to coming to Wayside. They still talked with her about his needs, such as how to provide mental and physical activity, that he needs to remain the only dog in the home, and other things that will make life with Kenny wonderful. 
Congrats Kenny! “

Source: Wayside Waifs/Facebook

While being left behind after the adoption event was surely a rough time for Kenny, he is now enjoying life in his forever home. Don’t ya just love a happy ending? WE DO TOO! Watch the video below to learn more about Kenny’s story!

Depressed Pup Slept On The Sidewalk Every Day, Waiting For Someone To Love Her


Hope For Paws received a call about an abandoned dog who was visibly lonely and depressed. When rescuers arrived, they spotted the pup lying down on the sidewalk.

When they got close to her, they offered her some food. Instead of running away as they approached her, she took the food right from the rescuer’s hand. It was clear that, although she had been abandoned, she still had trust left for humans.

Youtube/Hope For Paws

They led the dog into a yard so that they could secure the area and assure they’d get ahold of her without her running into traffic. Once she followed them into the backyard, they put up a plastic fence to keep her in it.

The pup proved just how sweet she was, and plopped right down on the ground, allowing the rescuer to put the leash around her. They fed her some more cheeseburger before carrying her to the car.

Youtube/Hope For Paws

The first thing they did was scan for a microchip, but unfortunately, she didn’t have one. During the car ride to the animal hospital, she rolled on her back for some belly rubs. They decided to name this sweet pup ‘Cindy Lou.’

Once at the hospital, they gave her a much-needed bath and showered her with even more love. She had been waiting for this attention for so long, and finally, she’s getting it!

Youtube/Hope For Paws

After receiving medical care, Cindy Lou went to live with a foster. She’s enjoying the beginning of her new life! Now, the only thing left is for her to find a forever home. If you’re interested in adopting Cindy Lou, contact Smooch Pooch Rescue.