Soldier waits at airport, keep your eye on who comes off the plane

We celebrate our freedoms with days filled with happiness and choices. But we didn’t get here without great sacrifice and loss.

Our American heroes put their lives on the line so we can live in the greatest country on earth. And not all of those heroes have two legs. “War Dogs” have been fighting alongside our soldiers for centuries. Their duties are absolutely essential, especially to the soldiers they serve with.

Army sergeant Tom Hansen served alongside canine partner Taylor, affectionately known as Tay-Tay. But like many canine partners, she had to be left behind and spend time in a military kennel until official retirement. The dogs are then put up for adoption and if the handlers want to adopt the dog themselves, they have to pay for it all out of pocket.

Credit: NBC News

One loving citizen, Molli Oliver, a flight attendant with United Airlines, makes it her mission to facilitate reunions between handler and their retired canine partner. But boy, it isn’t easy! She uses her own resources to do it, flying with the dog around the world if needed. And she does it out of love.

“I love the dogs, and I love my military that’s taken care of my freedom my whole life, so it’s a win-win to combine the two,” Oliver said.


Credit: NBC News


As Hansen waits at the airport, excited but a bit nervous, his special someone is making her way to him. Their goal is to spend the rest of Tay-Tay’s days living happily together. Their reunion is incredibly touching! Don’t take your eyes off the screen or you may just miss the firework moment!

Dog Abused And Chained For 10 Years Finally Learns What It’s Like To Be Loved

Judith, formerly named Judas by her mean owners, spent the first 10 years of her life on a chain exposed to the elements and without ample food and water.

She was abused and neglected and didn’t know what it felt like to be loved. Neighbors even reported seeing the owners peeing on her from the porch.

Despite the neglect and abuse being reported several times, this carried on for years and years. The dog became weighed down as her fur collected clumps of mud and even her own feces.

Source: Animal Advocates

The local SPCA didn’t charge her owners with animal cruelty and offered to put Judith down for $50. The day before she would’ve been euthanized, rescuers from the Animal Advocates Society stepped in to save her life.

Poor Judith could barely walk due to her painful hips, and she was severely emaciated and dehydrated. Her new haircut revealed just how skinny she actually was. The dog was cleaned up and received a bit of TLC, and all it took was one couple who took one look at her and just had to have her!

Source: Animal Advocates

The old girl’s hips eventually gave out, so they got her a custom wheelchair to chase squirrels and play. On trips to the beach, she could go without the wheelchair and she had the time of her life! After 18 months, Judith crossed the rainbow bridge. Her life may have been tragic for a long time, but the love she found toward the end let her finally know what it was like to be a real dog. 🙂 May she rest in peace.

Artist Illustrates What Dog Ownership Really Looks Like

The incredibly talented illustrator, Erez Zadok, created a series of drawings featuring his dog Joya. The comics show us what it’s truly like to be owned by a dog (and surely not the other way around!). Zadok features charming little moments of his real life as a pet owner–  like picking up dog poop and giving Joya a bath. His art is insightful, humorous, but most of all, RIGHT ON! Zadok warns viewers:  “Get ready because you’ll also want to have a dog after looking through these pictures.”

Thanks to Bright Side for originally publishing the piece and Zadok’s extraordinary talent, we get to experience life with Joya too. Can you relate to any of these dog-human moments?

“You never get used to it” 

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“A Morning Routine”  

©️Erez Zadok

“Home is where your dog fur is.”

©️Erez Zadok

“That awkward moment…”

©️Erez Zadok

“She’s Unstoppable!”

©️Erez Zadok

“There are dogs who enjoy the breeze and then there is Joya.” 

©️Erez Zadok

“Home Sweet Home”

©️Erez Zadok

“Joya pays the price for being cute.” 

©️Erez Zadok

“Men can do several things simultaneously.”

©️Erez Zadok

“Ordinary washing routine with Joya.”

©️Erez Zadok

“Joya doesn’t like winter.”

©️Erez Zadok

“Secret Ingredient” 

©️Erez Zadok

“Joya always makes a scene after I play with other dogs.”

©️Erez Zadok


Could you relate to these awesome illustrations? ME TOO! Follow Erez Zadok on Instagram to see more of his amazing work!

Mom comes home to a complete mess, Dog’s reaction to her accusation is not what you’d expect

Mister Matzo is in quite a bit of trouble, but don’t you worry too much, he knows just how to get out of it. Or should we say “slink” out of it?

When his human came back from an outing, she noticed that Matzo had gotten into the trash and made a complete mess of it. As she went to scold him, she noticed his funny reaction. So she made this hilarious video, and we thank her!

This guilty dog must have seen enough videos of guilty dogs reacting to their owners to know that cute faces and apologetic body language are not enough to get them out of trouble. So he came up with a new way to avoid a scolding.

His human calls it “slinking” away, and we think it’s the most accurate way of describing his actions. As soon as she starts talking to him, Matzo makes eye contact (a trait not usually seen in guilty dogs) and slowly, very slowly starts pushing himself away from her.

“No mom, I’m not going anywhere. It’s all in your head. Yes, mom, I’m listening to you.”

What a clever boy!