He Was STEPS Away From Death. When He Gives a Stranger His Paw? What a Transformation!

Fram was found on the side of the road, lost, disoriented and mangy. His rescuers were afraid to get too close in case he might bolt and race out into the street, where a car could run him over. So they waited patiently for this nervous street dog to come to them. It took an hour before he learned to trust them enough to give them his paw.

That was enough to get Fram into the car and on the way to a vet, where he was treated for his mange, ticks and fleas. After several baths, even more caresses and plenty of TLC, Fram is a whole new pup. This “polar bear” puppy is now ready for a forever home. Who’s ready to adopt him?

RECALL ALERT: Find Out Why THESE 3 Foods Are Being Returned

Fromm Family Pet Food has issued a dog food recall of three of canned dog foods.

The company discovered that 12 oz cans of its new Gold canned dog food pates do not contain recommended levels of vitamins and minerals, and may contain elevated levels of Vitamin D. In a statement from company president Tom Neiman, the recall is being carried out out of “an abundance of caution.”

The excess Vitamin D should only impact dogs that have eaten these products as their exclusive meals for an extended period of time, and could result in a reduction in appetite. While the company hasn’t received any reports of this or any other health problems, it is still recommending that you not feed these products to your dog. Their efforts are being undertaken in coordination with the FDA.

The recall is being issued for the following 12 oz. cans:




These cans were shipped to distributors from December 2015 through February 2016. If you have any of the above cans, return them to the place of purchase or any Authorized Fromm Retailer. You can find authorized Fromm retailers here or call (800) 325-6331.

There are no other Fromm products affected by this recall.


A Tiny Frog Crawls Down His Face. The Dog’s Reaction? Perfect.

Now this is one cool, collected, and awfully cute French bulldog. He’s out relaxing and catching some sun when he gets an unexpected visit from one of the locals. A tiny frog decides today is a perfect day to climb down a dog’s face.

Most humans would either freak out, slap the frog away, or at least shake their head in a somewhat vigorous manner. But this guy? Ice in his veins. He barely twitches (ok, he twitches a bit) as his new friend makes his way down his face. It just goes to show how gentle dogs can be, and how they can form the most unlikely of friendships!

Aflição define!

Aflição define!

Posted by Seu Buldogue Francês on Friday, March 18, 2016

She suffered a HORRIBLE injury as a baby. Now watch her play fetch with new legs!

Blossom is no ordinary dog. Shortly after this poor baby was born, her mother chewed off her rear paws. The injured puppy was nursed back to health by her owners, but she didn’t get proper medical care until she was 10 months old. She ended up under the care of the Florida chapter of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

That’s when a series of fortunate events conspired to change Blossom’s life. She went home with an awesome human named Rodney Purvie. And he found a local prosthetic organization called Prosthetics and Orthotics Associates, who offered to create custom prosthetic feet for Blossom. She also got physical therapy and swimming lessons from the good folks at Rocky’s Retreat.

Today? Well, all you need to do is look at her to see what she can do on her new legs. Amazing, isn’t she?


She Has A New Family...AND New Legs

She's a true force of nature.

Posted by The Dodo on Thursday, March 17, 2016