The Dog Jumps on the Treadmill. What He Does Next? We’ve NEVER Seen That Before!

Have you ever placed a dog on a moving treadmill and seen what happens? We’re not sure if they realize they’re getting their cardio on, or if they just discovered the greatest walk ever, or if they simply can’t figure out why they’re moving but everything around them stays still.. but there’s a reason why dog on treadmill videos are becoming more and more popular.

This adorable bulldog is the latest to make an internet star of himself, because what he does on the treadmill is something we’ve never seen before. He doesn’t just run, or walk, or try his best to get off the darn thing. Nope, this guy wants to take his treadmill workout to a whole other level!

Check him out and let us know what you think of his treadmill antics.

He May Have Lost His Eyes… But This BEAUTIFUL Dog Found a Forever Home!

We recently shared the story of Ashton, an abused dog who was found by the roadside in a critical need of emergency medical care. Veterinarians were able to save the pup’s life, but they couldn’t save his eyes. Now a blind dog, Ashton had to learn how to walk and interact with a whole new world. But he never gave up and never lost his spirit… and it all paid off!

Now this lovable 2-year-old pit bull has a new forever home. His wonderful personality and ability to keep smiling through all kinds of adversity ensured Ashton found a new family soon after he was put up for adoption by the Arizona Humane Society.

God bless Ashton and his new parents! We’re sure you’ll take care of each other for many years to come!

In case you missed it, here’s the video of Ashton before his adoption.


He Came Home After Two Months. The Welcome He Got From His Dog? ADORABLE!

It’s impossible for us to explain to our dogs that we have to go away for a while. Whether it’s a day or several years, they simply don’t get why the human they love so much is suddenly gone. Sarah’s Dad, Jason, has been gone for two whole months. That’s forever in dog years! And Jason might have gone away for work, but Sarah doesn’t know that!

So when he walks in the door, this adorable furbaby simply can’t contain her happiness. The excited dog immediately asks to be picked up and then absolutely showers her human with love and licks. Her whining and unbridled joy just shows how much love a dog has for her family.

Next time, work from home, Daddy!

It Was Time To Say Goodbye To Their Dog. Their Last Day Together Had Me in TEARS.

We have to warn you: this one is so beautiful, yet so heartbreaking. Saying goodbye to your furbaby is one of the difficult things any dog-lover can do. The tribute this family gave to their beautiful German Shepherd, Hans, is a touching, emotional and memorable way to say farewell to their old dog.

Hans was 11 years old and suffering from degenerative myelopathy. He was in pain, and his family decided to set him free. But before they let him go, they gave him a very special last day. They hugged him and made sure he knew just how special he was to them; they played with him one final time. They covered him in a blanket and napped with him. And they gave him an amazing last meal, at the table with his humans.

You can just see the love from everyone in the family for old Hans, and we only hope he passed peacefully and with all those loving memories.