This Furbaby Was Abandoned… TWICE. And His Sorrow Will Break Your Heart.

The happiness that a shelter dog feels when they find a forever home is almost indescribable. (This girl sums it up pretty well.) But when a dog that gets adopted is returned by his family, it’s an absolutely heartbreaking blow. So we can’t even imagine what this poor abandoned dog named King must be feeling after being rejected not once, but twice.

Just look at his body language, his sadness, and his mournful cries. We have no idea what he did, how he misbehaved or who he angered, but no dog should have to experience this kind of emotional pain. We cheer and praise anyone who decides to adopt a dog, but it’s not something that should be done lightly. This is a serious responsibility, and anyone who wants to do it should know that they’re in it for the long haul. Our dogs don’t ever give up on their humans; we should extend them the same courtesy.

King is heartbreaking proof of what happens when we don’t.

When Her Paws Became Infected, the BUTCHER Threw Her In the Trash. Then THEY Found Her.

This is one of the worst cases of dog abuse we’ve heard… and one of the most amazing survival stories. This adorable golden retriever mix was raised in South Korea for her meat. But when her paws became wounded and infected, the butcher thought her meat was no longer good, so he literally threw her in the trash.

Fortunately, she was rescued in Korea. Her paws had to be amputated, but this brave girl kept her tail wagging and soon learned how to walk on her shortened legs. Her rescuers named her Chi Chi, and she is one determined pup! A family in Arizona learned about her and decided to welcome her into their family. They have rescued many abused dogs in the past, but they’re making a special effort to bring Chi Chi home with them to raise awareness about the practice of raising and butchering dogs for their meat.

We think they’re heroes… and we think Chi Chi is perfect just the way she is. 3TV | Phoenix Breaking News, Weather, Sport

He Comes Face to Face With His Two Biggest Fears. What He Does Next? Genius!

Meet Bentley. This adorable bulldog is a big old scared dog when it comes to two perfectly ordinary household items: a ladder and a cable. First he sees the ladder, and he quickly decides he wants nothing to do with it. Then he warily approaches the crossed cable as if it were a coiled viper. Poor Bentley! This is one bulldog who wants no part of these obstacles in his life, but he does want to get to his human.

His solution? Pure genius… because you can’t feat what you don’t see, right? Bentley promptly turns around and backs out of the room like a pro (and yes, we’ve seen this before)! As soon as he clears the door he spins around again, looking at his human as if to say, “Look, Dad, I did it!”

What Foods Are Safe for Dogs?

It’s a question every dog owner has asked at least once, if not hundreds of times. Is this food ok for my furbaby? It’s important to know which everyday foods are safe for dogs, and which ones could be harmful to them. This video from the Animal Rescue Site is a handy guide (as is this infographic).

Raw meat? Nope. Yeast? Nuh-uh. Chocolate? No thank you. Salt? Stay away. But foods like yogurt, tuna and fruit salad (without the seeds and cores) are just fine.. and as the handsome model proves, very much appreciated by your pooch. We all want the best for our pups, but that doesn’t mean that we can give them the same treats we love. Stick to the foods that are safe for them and you’ll have a happy, healthy cuddle-bug.