Two Dogs Get Caught Making Out In A Car. What Happens Next Is Absolutely Hilarious!!

Wow, does this Subaru commercial take you down memory lane? To a simpler time, when you were out on a date and dropping your girlfriend home before 10 (or being dropped home by your boyfriend), and you tried to sneak in a little cuddle time before he or she had to go. And then, the lights come on, Mom or Dad appears at the window, and the party’s over.

Well, that’s exactly what happens to these love-struck pooches in this nostalgic and totally aww-worthy commercial. These cute dogs want nothing more than a little alone time, and what better than the family ride to sneak in a smooch or two, enjoy a little paw-to-paw action before it’s time to call it a night.

Subaru has made some of the best dog commercials in recent memory, and ironically, they seem to love the “getting busted” theme. Check out this epic commercial about a dog dad getting totally caught checking out a hot poodle crossing the street. The canine family was such a hit that Subaru even dedicated a page on their website to the “Barkleys,” with bios on each member.

Dogs and car companies have enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship. From Volkswagen to  Citroën to Dodge, carmakers all over the world have turned to our best friends to let us all know how awesome their cars are. Thre are so many that someone even put together a list of 10 best dog car commercials. Do they work? They must, because we can’t get enough of them!

We know Budweiser has been making historic dog commercials for some time now, but watch out! Subaru is catching up, and we can’t wait to see what the Barkleys (or these dating dogs) do next… or at least, once these two are out of the dog house.