Foxes may be fantastic, but they don’t usually make for good pets. In general, wild animals can be dangerous, even if you have proper training.

Sometimes, however, a difficult choice must be made. A couple of were out gem hunting and they discovered this adorable baby fox all alone. This poor creature looked like it was hurt and in need of some care. The couple decided to take a chance and rescue the wounded baby fox.

At first, the little fox was apprehensive and wasn’t too into the idea of being picked up, but being hungry, weak and wounded, the fox didn’t put up much of a fight.

This loving couple took it home to try nurse the baby fox back to health. If their plan worked and the baby got better, she would be taken to the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center so she could have a chance at a normal life.

Day one saw the baby get some food, but she was still very wary of the couple.

By day three you could see a huge change in the fox. It had more life and was beginning to trust the couple.

They decided to take the little fox outside, but she wasn’t ready for it yet.

When the fifth day rolled around you could see a night-and-day difference in the baby. She was once again healthy and was ready to go to her new home.

Thanks to this couple, this baby fox got a second chance. There still are good samaritans in this world!

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