She Suffered UNSPEAKABLE Abuse! When She Finally Recovered? Best Day EVER!

Caitlyn has been on an amazing journey of recovery. Her abuser had taped her mouth shut with electrical tape. After many surgeries she finally made a full recovery, and now her abuser is waiting to be tried for animal abuse. She’s become an ambassador representing animal rights. How cool is she?

BarkPost also thinks she’s pretty cool, and they decided to reward her with the best day ever! First, she received the Bone to the City (which is . After her favorite game of fetch, she was made an honorary Firehouse dog for a day, and got to hang out with one of her favorite humans.

Her best day ever wasn’t over yet. This abused dog, who was nothing more than a lovable, smart and beautiful pup, received many new toys, and then got to share them with her shelter family. BarkPost really pulled out all the stops.

We believe she deserves all of the good things coming to her. She’s a strong survivor who now stands for animal rights, and that sort of bravery is contagious. She’s inspiring many people around the country to help fight for animals everywhere.

This is what we call a cool dog.