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Your life as you know it will change once you start taking care of a dog. Your schedule, finances, and even the food and products you regularly purchase must adjust to the needs of your furry pet. In other words, you need to puppy-proof your home. Why? There are many dangerous items for dogs hiding in plain sight in your house. If you are not careful, it might harm—or worse—even kill them.

Here are 10 of those common kitchen items that you must keep an eye on:


1. Chocolate

Can Dogs Eat Chocolate
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This one should be a no-brainer by now. While chocolate is a simple and sweet dessert staple for humans, it is extremely toxic for dogs as caffeine and theobromine cause toxicosis and may bring seizures and death. Read more about why chocolates are bad for dogs here.


2. Coffee

dangerous items for dogs coffee


Since we’re already talking about caffeine, the next item on our list should not be a surprise anymore. Coffee a.k.a that hot, smooth, and soothing thing you like to drink in the morning to get your juices flowing is straight-up poison to your pups.


3. Grapes

Here’s something that might surprise you: do not ever let your dogs ingest a grape or a raisin. This particular grocery shopping staple might look small and innocent, but wait until it gives your dog acute renal failure. It’s a big no-no.


4. Macadamia nuts

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Here’s another unassuming snack you love that will make your dogs sick: macadamia nuts. They only need to ingest a small amount before they turn into a quivering mess from all the vomiting and diarrhea. Be careful about sharing treats like store-bought cookies and other snacks that might have this ingredient.


5. Onions

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Onions is again another no-no for your pupper. It kills your canine’s blood cells which results in a condition called Heinz Body Anemia. It could be life-threatening. Variations such as onion powder are also off-limits. Be careful not to give your dog foods that have it.


6. Garlic

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We can’t really talk about onions without discussing its favorite partner-in-crime in the kitchen: the garlic. It’s not as dangerous as the former. In fact, some dog food even has this as an ingredient. But if your dog eats large quantities it could become deadly.


7. Alcohol

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Yes, it’s bad for humans and it’s also bad for your pets. Alcohol can cause liver and kidney problems as well as acidosis that might lead to cardiac arrest. No amount of whisky, no amount of wine. Don’t let them have access to your stash.


8. Avocados

avocados dangerous items for dogs


This one is a point of contention among dog owners. Many have done it and will attest that their dog is doing alright. Some would never even go near it just to be on the safe side. Whichever side you’re on, we’re pretty sure everyone can agree that the avocado’s seed is a choking hazard for humans and pets.


9. Chicken bones

puppy and chicken bone


This one is still pretty rampant with many dog owners around the world. They eat their fried chicken and just throw their dog a bone—not realizing that it is potentially dangerous for their puppies. Chicken bones—no matter how they seem to enjoy it—can cause splinters and harm your dog’s internal organs.


10. Raw meat

dog and raw meat
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This is another one of those divisive things people get into because of how many dog owners feed their pups raw meat on the regular. There is a reason why humans do not consume raw meat: bacteria. Your dogs will become exposed to salmonella and other bacteria.

Want to know more about the dangerous items for dogs inside your home? Head over to Part 2.

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