If there’s anything we learned during the lockdown, it’s that there’s no shame with staying at home. Whether it’s work-related or otherwise, there are plenty of reasons people choose to stay at home. However, that doesn’t mean things can’t get lonely from time to time. Staying at home can get a bit quiet and sometimes, so it helps to have a house-friendly dog for a companion.

Today we’ll be taking a look at some of the best dogs for you. On this list, you’re going to find a loveable furry friend with a calm temperament and a knack for keeping you happy. So, here are a few dog breeds that are perfect if you live in an apartment, have little to no yard, work at home, or don’t have much time to devote to your dog.

1. Maltese

dog breed maltese on grass

These adorable puffballs are the perfect lap dogs and companions for stay-at-home people and one of the best breeds for the elderly. They’re very sweet, loving, and peaceful. They are exceedingly playful and usually have a gentle temperament which makes them non-aggressive.

Their small size and gentle nature make them great dogs for compact living spaces like apartments or small houses. But whether you live in a large or small home you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful stay-at-home buddy with a Maltese.

2. Whippets

whippet on rug at home

You’d think that whippets don’t make great house pets because they can sprint up to 35 miles per hour, but you’d be wrong. These tall and speedy dogs are relatively quiet and even lazy once they’ve gotten all their adrenaline out of their system. If you have neighbors that don’t like noisy dogs then all you have to do with a whippet is take them outside for a nice long walk or a solid exercise routine. Their relatively calm and quiet temperament makes them a great companion at home.

3. Beagles

dog breed beagle standing black and brown

Beagles are an adorable breed and are notorious for being smart and lively, but they’re also surprisingly low maintenance. Their short coat means that you don’t need to spend a lot of time grooming them or brushing out the fur to prevent tangles. This is great for people who are often alone at home and don’t have a lot of time in the day. Beagles are also amazing companions for kids, making them good family dogs. Curious about beagles? Read more about them here.

4. Pugs

dog on beach

If you’re the type that doesn’t have time to go outside or work out for long then pugs might suit you fine. Pugs are great housemates, they have a neutral temperament, and they’re very loving. Pugs are not very active which means that they’ll be alright in smaller spaces as long as it isn’t too small. For those who work at home, pugs make great lap dogs and furry companions to help you get through the day.

5. Miniature American Shepherd

mini american shepherd on the floor

The miniature American shepherd is full of energy because it’s in their nature. These dogs love having something to do and they won’t sit still. However, what makes them great house dogs is the fact that they can be trained fairly easily and they are suited for almost all living conditions. As long as you can give them enough stimulation, they’re perfect house pets to keep around, especially if you can train them well.

6. Pomeranians

pomeranian in sea of green leaves

Pomeranians are a charming breed full of love, personality, and talent. Poms are a trendy breed in the United States and are adoptable because they’re easily trained and get along with kids well. They’re feisty, bold, and playful, and they’re lovable additions to the family that can help you feel less stressed when working at home. They do require more attention, but as long as you can brush their fur and take them out to exercise, they should be fine for any home.

7. Mastiff

mastiff standing on long grass

These dogs are large, lovable, and will make you feel safe and secure in your home. Mastiffs have a big heart and an even bigger personality. They’re very protective of their owners and will do whatever it takes to keep you safe. Mastiffs are fiercely loyal and courageous which makes them fantastic companions to have in your home.

8. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are a delightful addition to any home because they’re lively, energetic, and very soft. Despite appearances, these dogs surprisingly require moderate maintenance, needing only adequate attention. They’re easy to train, and easy to take care of, and they’re the most popular family dogs. Overall, golden retrievers are fun stress-relievers, their medium size fits well with most spaces, and they’re even great with kids.

9. Bulldogs

french bulldog sepanx

This stocky, muscular dog is popular amongst families, and with good reason. They’re extremely loyal to their owners and have a long history of forming strong bonds with children. If you’re looking for a dog that isn’t active and is content with just staying at home then a bulldog might be the perfect fit. These dogs love lounging and generally won’t bug you too much about going outside, making them perfect stay-at-home companions.

10. Basset Hound

basset hound lying on grass garden park

Basset hounds are big dogs with short legs and they make great house-friendly dogs for small apartments and stay-at-home folks, and here’s why. Basset hounds are clever, charismatic, and very lazy so if you’re looking for a dog that lives a very sedentary lifestyle then these dogs are perfect for you. However, they’re not entirely lazy, if they pick up an interesting scent, they might just spend their day following it.

This breed was bred for hunting which makes them naturally curious and talented trackers. While it might seem like they’re easy to train, they will get tired easily and you’ll need to keep them interested if you want to train them. Basset hounds are kind-natured, curious, and have no problems staying at home with you all day long.

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