Dog Wellness13 More Dangerous Items For Dogs Inside Your Home Part 2

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Your life will be turned upside down once you take in a dog. Your household, for sure, will require puppy-proofing. Dogs will sniff, snoop, bite, and claw their way to pretty much anything. Even the food you eat and chemicals you keep must be stored carefully to avoid accidents. There are many dangerous items for dogs hiding in plain sight in your house.

Here is a list of 14 of those common household things toxic to dogs that you must be on the lookout for:


Human pharmaceuticals

dangerous items for dogs human medicines
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Dog owners argue about giving their pets medicine intended for humans. Some say no. Others say their vet said it’s fine. Whichever side you are on, we could all agree that overdosing is bad for man and animals. Use and keep your drugs safely and responsibly.



Insecticides are useful in keeping bugs and pets but are deadly when used improperly. Be careful that your dog may gain access to them. Some types, like ant and roach traps, might not be toxic, but could still cause choking.



dangerous items for dogs rodenticides
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This one is trickier because it uses attractants that might also lure your pets. The anticoagulants or phosphorus in the pellets meant to stop rat infestation can have devastating consequences for your canine companions.


Cleaning products

These things are often all kept in low places such as under the sink which your pets and children can easily access and accidentally ingest.


Heavy metals

items toxic to dogs coins
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Dogs are smart animals, but that is not a guarantee that they won’t swallow a penny or a quarter occasionally. The zinc and lead found in coins, paint chips, and other household items, when swallowed, may mean medical issues.



For humans, fertilizer is just a bag of processed dung and other chemicals. Dogs might smell and think differently. The cocktail of phosphorus, nitrogen, and even cocoa with chemicals intended for insects and weeds might be pupper’s recipe for disaster.



items toxic to dogs detergents
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If bipeds can get sick with this stuff then your four-legged friends will do as well. Detergents when ingested can cause ulcers and other fatal consequences.



This is another one of those sweet-scented substances that could make your dog ill. Keep the pups out of your garage.



dangerous items for dogs antifreeze
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News flash: That stuff you use to protect your driveway from ice is toxic and can easily get on your dog’s paws. Another breaking news: dogs lick themselves constantly.



Remember the Energizer Bunny? Your dog won’t be as active when he’s down and suffering from the ulcers plus throat and stomach issues caused by the batteries you left around.



dangerous items for dogs plastic toys
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Some toys are toxic. Most toys are choking hazards. It’s all fun and games until Lassie swallows a lego or an action figure.


Fabric softener sheet

Some owners use this not just for their clothes, but as a means to control pet hair. These sheets are scented so there’s a possibility that your pet might play with these and eat some. The bad news is it has chemicals that may not be safe for dogs.



items toxic to dogs plants
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House plants are good for humans. They purify the air we breathe and they make our homes look nicer. But some of them can be harmful to your curious canines.


Tip: ASPCA has a 24-hour poison control hotline: (888) 426-4435. To know more dangerous items for dogs in your house, head over to Part 1.

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