Pima Animal Care Center have shared with us the beautiful friendship of Jukebox and Agatha, 2 down-on-luck Pit Bulls who come from very different backgrounds. Jukebox is a 1-year-old stray rescue, while 2-year-old Agatha was surrendered to the shelter by her family.

Source: Pima Animal Care Center/Facebook

Agatha and Jukebox met each other at a playgroup and instantly connected. Over the months, they have formed an unbreakable bond. They are so inseparable now that they even share the same kennel. They happily snuggle up together on the tiny kennel bed and won’t have it any other way!

The shelter workers are deeply touched by Agatha and Jukebox’s devotion toward each other. They have decided to put them up for adoption as a package deal. Even if the odds look challenging, the shelter hopes that this duo’s friendship wins over someone’s heart. Let’s share the shelter’s request and help Agatha and Jukebox find a forever home together.

Update: Agatha and Jukebox’s endearing friendship quickly won over the internet! The shelter received many applications to home them together. Eventually, the workers found them the perfect home with a loving family! This happy update just made our day!

Click the video below to watch Agatha and Jukebox’s lovable bond as they settle in their forever home!

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Mom Asks 3-Legged Pup To Climb Stairs, Pup Looks At Mom Like She’s Gone Mental

Adopting a disabled dog is a huge responsibility for the owners. The parents must be wholeheartedly accommodating of the dog’s special needs and keep extra patience while training such dogs.

Source: eileentherottentripawd/Rumble

In this video, we see Eileen, a 3-legged Rottweiler puppy, getting a stair climbing lesson from her mom. Eileen gets easily frustrated at small setbacks, which is why the stairs have been one of her biggest nightmares.

Eileen throws some mad sass at Mom when she repeatedly coaxes her to climb up the stairs. Eileen keeps bickering in hopes that Mom would give it a rest for the day, but Mom is determined to see Eileen overcome her fears!

Source: eileentherottentripawd/Rumble

Finally, Eileen puts on her game face and gathers all her courage as she faces the daunting stairs! She stumbles and falls, but doesn’t give up as Mom keeps cheering her on. After an incredibly excruciating climb, Eileen conquers the stairs like a true champion!

Source: eileentherottentripawd/Rumble

The triumphant puppy is all smiles when she reaches upstairs. When Mom asks her if she is a good girl, Eileen assertively replies with a very feisty bark. We are in awe of Eileen’s indomitable spirit and thunderous willpower. Way to go, girl!

Click the video below to watch Eileen facing her fears and bravely climbing the daunting stairs! Keep you volumes up as you don’t want to miss out on her sass!

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