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August 13, 2021by admin

Whether you’re looking for cute pups, activities with your dogs, inspirations for dog treat recipes, or just to brighten up your day with your daily dose of dog, you’re going to want to follow some dog-related accounts on the internet. If you just so happen to be looking for some cute dog Instagram accounts to follow then you’re in luck! We are listing 20 of the best dog accounts on Instagram you should follow, stat! 

Keep in mind we’re assuming you already follow the I Love My Dog So Much Instagram but if you aren’t then go ahead and give us a follow. With that out of the way let’s get on with the list.

1. Pavlov The Corgi

People on the internet love very specific things like cats, pizza, and for some reason Corgi butts. And this Corgi from California has this whole Instagram thing in the bag. Meet Pavlov He’s got tons of stunning photos in front of interesting, artsy walls, beaches, scenic views, and even cake!

2. Sophiegamand

Dogs are adorable and making them look even more beautiful and adorable is an art form in itself. And boy does Sophiegamand take this art form to the next level! With over 200k followers on Instagram Sophiegamand deserves some more attention because her dog photos are some of the most phenomenal and artistic ever.

3. Lilypupchu

Going over from Twitch, Youtube, and now Instagram to say Lilypichu is a well-known online personality is putting it lightly, and her Pomeranian Temmie is just as famous. For new and old fans alike, you’ll be happy to know that if you missed Temmie on her streams then you can just hop on Lilypupchu to see more of them. Lily even has a new dog on there named DaVinky.

4. Aspen The Mountain Pup

Do you like scenic views, fantastic photographs of mountains, and traveling? And would you like it more if there was an adorable golden retriever as the face of those pictures? Well, you’re in luck because Aspen the Mountain Pup knows your specific likes exist! You can join along on Aspen’s adventures and travels alongside 272 thousand other followers.

5. Menswear Dog

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In case you’re looking for an Instagram to follow that somehow doubles as a cute dog account, as well as a men’s fashion Instagram, and despite how oddly specific that is, you got it! Bohdi the Menswear dog boasts a 400k follower count and is one Instagram that’s both funny and stylish. This account sports some of the most fashionable looks, aesthetics, and styles that can rival any supermodel because how can you not love that face? Aren’t we right?

6. Dog_feelingsig

Ever wonder what your dog is feeling on a day-to-day basis? Us too! Unfortunately, technology hasn’t gotten to the point where we can start reading the minds of animals and We’re not sure if being able to is such a good thing… Anyway, if you want to get a feeling of what it would be like if a dog could use social media, then this one’s for you. Dog_feelingsig has over 700k followers and hundreds of dog thoughts that range from funny to heartwarming.

7. Boopmynoise

What’s this account about? It pretty much says it in the title. Boopmynose is an Instagram account for all your nose booping needs! They have zoomed-in pictures of every cute nose that you can’t resist to just poke and boop and don’t worry there are over a million people following this account to boop some noses so you won’t be alone.

8. Manny the Frenchie

Cute Frenchies, what’s not to love? Manny the Frenchie is a verified Instagram account for one very adorable French bulldog. And according to their account, they’re the most followed bulldog on Instagram with 1 million followers. This is with good reason: cute pictures, funny videos, and this dog can even write! Manny the Frenchie is the author of their self-titled book Manny the Frenchie’s Art of Happiness.

9. Harlow and Sage

Do you love Instagram accounts that focus on one dog? How about a family of dogs? Because that’s what Harlow and Sage are all about! With 1.7 million followers Harlow and Sage have so much dog content for you to enjoy so go ahead and check out all these fantastic dogs over at their Instagram.

10. Marnie the Dog

Time to share some love for tiny dogs because Marnie is one small and adorable doggo for you to follow. Best known for her iconic big eyes and signature tongue-out expression, Marnie is an elderly Shih Tzu that was adopted in 2011. She even has her own book that inspires others to adopt elderly dogs.

11. Loki

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Wait, why do we have that new marvel show on this list about dogs? Oh, they got the URL first, nice. Loki the Wolf-Dog has over 2 million followers and why wouldn’t they? Everyone loves big fluffy wolf-like dogs. Follow them if you want to see what fun, snowbound adventures Loki gets into, they’re all very well photographed.

12. Maya the Samoyed

Did someone say fluff? Because this one’s got fluffiness in spades! Saying that this one’s got it all is kind of an understatement. Get ready because this Instagram account has adorably fluffy pictures, hilarious and heartwarming videos, and a series of fun Q&A segments to get invested in. Once you get a chance to look at Maya’s content, you’ll see why she’s got over 2 million followers on Instagram.

13. Tunameltsmyheart

Who would have thought a tuna could find its way onto this dog list…wait tuna is a dog? Well, guess that’s egg on our faces for thinking this was a tuna-specific Instagram account. Anyway, if you’re looking for some of the funniest faces on Instagram then look no further because Tunameltsmyheart boasts an incredible 2.1 million follower count, is both whacky and adorable.

14. Weratedogs

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If you’ve been on Instagram for any amount of time, we’re sure you’ve seen this one at least once and with good reason. This Instagram account has some of the cutest compilation of your favorite dogs from all over the internet all shared by probably millions of people on Instagram (2.1 million to be exact). But rating dogs can be tough given how much we love them but don’t worry all dogs are at least 20/10 in our hearts.

15. Tecuaniventura

Tecuaniventura, Bulldog Blogger extraordinaire! Hailing from Russia this photogenic pooch has over 2.2 million followers on Instagram. If you want to see a bulldog wearing outfits here’s another one for you, from chic and sophisticated to downright hilarious you’ll see this bulldog wear it all! They even have a nice hat on the profile picture.

16. Marutaro

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At the very heart of dog memes in 2021 are none other than Shiba Inus. So, we can’t make a list of Instagram accounts to follow without at least mentioning 1 and we got the perfect one for you guys to follow. Marutaro has over 2.5 million followers and tens of thousands of pictures on Instagram all of which have been taken over the course of a decade.

17. Doug the Pug

Do you love pugs? Well, here’s the biggest Instagram for you! This famous pooch has over 3 million Instagram followers and with a little time on their profile, you’ll see why. You got cute photos, travel shots, and hilarious funny faces — and for pug lovers — that just might be enough to make your day.

18. The Dogist

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Made to make you smile and with over 3.9 million followers, we got The Dogist! Made in 2013 by Elias Weiss Friedman with the one and only goal of making you all happy with tens of thousands of dog pictures from all around the world in the same vein as Humans of New York. Check out their account and you’ll get to see some very beautifully photographed dogs.

19. Dogs of Instagram

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Doggos, more doggos, all the doggos! Dogs of Instagram has got it all from all around the globe. If you want your daily dose of canine content then Dogs of Instagram is a must follow. With over 4.9 million followers they post regularly and share pictures and videos from millions of people. Heck, you can join them too and send pictures of your dogs.

20. Jiffpom

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A post shared by j i f f p o m (@jiffpom)

Aww, look at ‘em what a cute little Pomeranian, just the fluffiest and most adorable nugget you’ve ever seen, wait this dog has over 10 million followers? Wow…Respect. It’s no surprise that Jiffpom is the most followed dog on Instagram they’re small, they’re adorable, and apparently, he’s been in Katy Perry’s music videos and has broken 2 Guinness World Records, of course, they’re popular.


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