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April 13, 2021by admin

Having fur babies offers a great sense of companionship and limitless bundles of joy. But just like being a parent to a human being, owning a pet entails responsibilities and demands us to adapt particular parenting methods. It’s quite overwhelming, yes. However, a solution to most of your worries and concerns simply lies in your smartphone. If you’re looking for effective dog training tips, here’s a list of 4 must-install dog apps that are suited for different types of dog owners.


1. Puppr for the Active Parent   puppr app icon

You are an active parent if you enjoy going on adventures with your dog. Since you want to keep your canine’s energy up, Puppr will help you do just that. This app is also perfect for first-time fur parents who are looking for a less costly way to train their pets.


  • Over 70 dog training lessons that can teach your pet the basics (ie. how to sit, lay down, and stay), advanced techniques (putting toys away and jump roping), and cool tricks
  • Each lesson comes with short videos featuring celebrity trainer Sara Carson (2017 Dog Trainer of The Year)
  • A built-in clicker that truly sounds like the real thing

Offers: You’ll get the basic lessons for free but you’ll have to shell out a few bucks for additional programs to get the most out of the sessions.

Download links: Playstore, Applestore


2. Human-to-Dog Translator for the Helicopter Parent

human to dog translator app

Helicopter parents are the emotional ones. They are usually very attached and overprotective with their canine kid. If you belong to this category, the dog translator app will help you identify your dog’s feelings with the touch of a button.


  • Has 30 “emotion” buttons that create sounds meant to communicate a particular emotion to your pet
  • A microphone that you can use to “talk” to your pup, which translates your words into dog-speak

Offers: Not all emotion buttons are free to access. You have to pay a small amount to purchase all its features.

Download link: Applestore


3. Pupford for the Super Parent

pupford app

For a super parent, their dog is a full-fledged member of the family. So if you’re an owner who wishes to build a better relationship with your mutt, Pupford is the perfect app for you.


  • A 30-day training program taught by Zak George, an American broadcaster and dog trainer
  • Every session (ie. crate training and leash walking) comes with a video and a written step-by-step instructions
  • Behavior-specific programs that help curb your pet’s bad habits (ie. biting and too much jumping)
  • Promotions for pet treats

Offers: To get unlimited access and add-ons, you’ll have to pay for a subscription. There’s an option to purchase single-use access to the premium course. Sessions for basic dog training commands are free of charge.

Download links: Playstore, Applestore


4. Lonely Dog Toy for the Busy Parent

lonely dog toy app

Not all parents are always available to attend to their pet’s needs. If you are the on-the-go type, this app will do the trick while you’re beating deadlines. It’s also recommended for those who own a canine with higher prey drive and more petite paws.


  • Interactive games that invite your pet to “catch” a moving object
  • 6 fun animals and objects to chase and 6 different sound effects
  • Toys include a dog ball, dog squeaky toy, laser, rabbit, mouse, cat, and fish
  • A link to a Youtube channel with loads of relaxing music for your pup

Offers: You may download this app for free. It is recommended to use a tablet if you’re going to try this with your pet. It will be easier for your dog to see the target on a bigger screen.

Download links: Playstore, Applestore


Feel like you don’t belong to any of these types of dog owners? Learn more training tips from fellow pet parents by downloading social network sites, such as Pack, Dogster, and Lovemypets.

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