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June 17, 2021by admin

A European holiday with your furry friend is an enticing plan because Europe is one of the most pet-friendly destinations for dog-friendly dates. However, aside from your pet travel kit, certain travel documents ought to be prepared such as a European pet passport and a health certificate, among others. Once all the documents are ready, you’ll then be able to sail away with your pet in paradise!

Here are some of the best beaches around Europe:

1. France: Le Touquet

We included Le Touquet beach in France as our top choice because its 7-km sand stretch allows your pet to wander unleashed as long as there’s supervision. Since it’s famous for allowing pets, surrounding establishments have also adjusted to the pet-friendly policy.

The best part? Le Touquet is accessible from Paris by train so it’s definitely a must after seeing the Eiffel tower and the beauty of the city.

dog friendly dates on the beach

2. Croatia: Crikvenica

Croatia is an underrated location that boasts beautiful beaches and excellent cuisine. Enjoy dog bath time in Crikvenica, the country’s first-ever dog-friendly beach. It’s widely popular because an establishment called Monty’s Beach & Bar offers pet-friendly accommodation with equal services for you and your pet. They even have dog beer!

Indeed, there’s nothing more relaxing than basking in the sun with a cold beer in hand for you and your best friend.

3. Italy: La Prora Beach Village 41, Pescara

It’s a sin to skip Italy when doing a European tour because most of Europe’s history somehow started there. There are many dog beaches in Italy, but La Prora Beach in Pescara is surely on top of the list because of the pet-friendly amenities, such as a dog pizzeria.

Leave a pizza your heart in Italy by making memories with your pup along the country’s finest sands.

dog on the beach

4. Spain: Playa Can, Gandía

Valencia City in Spain isn’t just known for specializing in Paella, but for being a pet-friendly destination. The location is regarded as a well-maintained spot, perfect for sunbathing and enjoying activities under the sun like playing catch or wading with your doggos.

What better way to enjoy a vacation than soaking up the sun while having a perfectly cooked Paella with Tinto de Verano, am I right?

5. Scotland: Carradale Beach

Carradale Beach is undoubtedly a doggy paradise. Aside from its clean waters, you and your pet will be surrounded by glorious mountain views. This location is best if you’re looking into having a tranquil vacation — like reading a book while listening to the waves.

Scotland may be famous for its delicacies and the Loch Ness monster, but Carradale Beach will help create memories with your dog that will surely last.

dog friendly beaches

These 5 fantastic beaches are just some of the many places you can visit with your pooch. However, a little research on the EU’s pet requirements and restrictions will go a long way. Pack your pet travel kit and sail away to a European holiday for an exciting series of dog-friendly dates! Check our list of dog-friendly beaches in Australia and these beaches in the United States for you and your dog.


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