This year is the 21st anniversary of 9/11. Every year, we recall that tragic day, the lives lost, and the people who put their lives at danger to help. On that day, first responders acted without any hesitation, and we will always be appreciative of it. Additionally, assistance dogs were a crucial component of the team that contributed.

A montage of these dogs and their contributions was shared with us by TikTok user @milliethenoodlehorse as a way to recognize all the dogs who assisted that day. Although this is just the beginning, we are aware that many additional doggos contributed on this particular day. These canines need to be honored as heroes. Prepare yourself because this video will make you cry right away.

@milliethenoodlehorse Rest in paradise to all those lost on 9/11. #dogs #dog #heroes #fyp ♬ Home – Edith Whiskers



What a heartwarming video, wow. This is just more evidence that we don’t really deserve dogs. From spending hours sifting through dangerous fumes to successfully escorting their owner to safety. Even one dog spent 10 days digging through the debris. They are wonderful.

According to @jennifercarr2364, “Roselle spotted one of the only exits left in the tower. She led her blind owner and others from his office. They only found those stairs because of her.” What a wonderful service animal. She handled the situation with composure and assisted more than just her owner. I’m grateful, Roselle.

“Apollo was a fantastic partner. He worked so hard before and after 9-11 and protected my uncle. He and all the other dogs are heroes and dearly missed,” @princesssarahwine said in a heartwarming tweet. The first search and rescue canine on the scene was Apollo. Let this serve as a reminder to people who have lost their pets that these are the ones comforting them in heaven. Wow, so lovely! These dogs and everything they accomplished that day will be in our memories forever.

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