In a Texas parking lot, a Good Samaritan thought a stray dog guarding a litter of puppies was their mother. The woman was unaware that the dog was a male or that he was in no way related to the puppies.

Leslie Hennings, an expert rescuer, said it’s normal for stray dogs to guard puppies on the street.

Hennings told The Dodo that the reason for the many dog fights among stray animals was food. They are simply starving.



The adult dog positioned himself in front of anyone he perceived as a threat, “shielding them in whatever manner,” Hennings said, in order to defend his adopted litter from other stray dogs.

Here is a video of the dog defending his young:



However, the adult dog, despite his rough exterior, was actually terrified and in need of defense.

Hennings remarked, “He was putting on a brave front [as if to say], “No one’s going to touch my puppies.” He hid beneath a car when it was time to leave, though, and refused to come out.

The woman eventually managed to capture the terrified dog and bring him back to her property with his puppies while they awaited being taken to their foster homes.



The woman’s property lacked a fence, but she reasoned that the dogs would remain around the food and blankets she’d left out.

Hennings claimed, “[The puppies] wouldn’t remain.” Hennings claimed that every day the puppies attempted to stray, but their adoptive father would always catch them.

Hennings claimed, “They would run away, and the dad would just bring them back.”



After a few days, volunteer pilots offered to fly this devoted, adoptive dog and his puppies to their foster home at White Rock Dog Rescue. Now that they are protected and living together, they can wait for their forever homes.

The obedient dog and his adorable puppies will always be part of the family, even if they are not all adopted at the same time.

To see dogs available for adoption in the Dallas area, check out White Rock Dog Rescue on Facebook.

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