There are just those TikTok accounts where, when you see the dogs someone has saved, the love just seems to permeate the screen. The same is true of @SookieandIvy, and it is obvious how adored these funny girls are. When you bring a dog into your home, their personalities begin to show. Some dogs are serious and stoic, and then there’s Ivy. Dogs are the best.

Ivy has some of the funniest facial expressions we’ve ever seen, and her crazy hat choices make for pure internet treasure. It’s too good to handle, this!

@sookieandivy The lights are on but no one is home 😵‍💫 #dogsoftiktok #dogtok #crochettok #nothinginmybrain #teef ♬ got nothing in my brain – user07292000



Her face with the banana hat on! We’re shouting! Her little teeth are simply too cute! @BBruth writes, “I love the zoned out paired with the sass – it’s a beautiful combo,” while @Jennobee adds, “Ha ha I love Ivy. The blank stare and tools get me every time.” “We stan our dissociative queen,” @ChristieK sums it up for everyone posting.

Ivy, you will always be who you are. We don’t deserve a magical princess like you!


Source: Pet Helpful

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