Before adopting a pet for Christmas, the Yakima Humane Society advises folks to do their research and make sure they’re adopting for the right reasons. This is crucial to prevent pets from finding themselves back at the shelter a few weeks later.

Your children might be pleading with you for a new puppy or kitten as Christmas approaches. If this is the case, the coordinator of the foster program, Alyssa Yates, warned that you will likely be responsible for taking care of the animal alone.



“It’s taking on a full toddler, they’re gonna be peeing and pooping all over your house,” Yates said. “You’re gonna have to be working on training, they’re going to be tearing things up, they’re going to be whiney, they’re going to want attention.”

Additionally, it’s crucial to research dog breeds, particularly if you intend to adopt one. Varied breeds have different training requirements and behavioral traits.


Yates claimed that post-Christmas refunds have fallen recently. She claimed that this is because the shelter has started posing more challenging questions to those considering adoption. Even so, it continues to take place each year.

Yate advises enrolling in the foster program if you’re not prepared for a 15- to 20-year commitment.



“We can get you a puppy or kitten to play with and then bring it back get rid of that puppy and kitten fever,” Yates said.

Then you can give the animal back to the shelter when you don’t want the responsibility, or it is adopted. 


Foster applications are constantly being accepted by the Yakima Humane Society.

Yates said it’s a terrific idea if you’ve been debating acquiring a pet for some time and have done your research. The shelter also has many adult canines between the ages of 1 and 2 that are available for adoption if you don’t want a puppy or kitten. They have a couple adult cats as well.


About 300 animals are waiting for their forever homes in total at the shelter. Currently, the adoption price for adult dogs, cats, and kittens is $50.

You can find more information about the foster program HERE and see a list of adoptable animals HERE.


Source: NonStop Local

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