This video is definitely the signal you’ve been waiting for to give your Dachshund a Dachshund of their own. Heck, this video is probably your cue to get another dog of any breed. All we can say is that there is nothing more endearing than seeing two dogs who are completely linked cuddling up to one another, and oh my god, BRB, you’re sobbing, not us. We can’t thank TikTok user @Khloelola enough for sharing the touching video.

Send this video to everyone you know who needs their heart to melt immediately. It truly is beyond precious.

@khloelola I think it’s safe to say that they do 🥰❤️ #dogsoftiktok #dachshund #chiweenie #bestfriends #dachshundsoftiktok #fyp ♬ the winner takes it all – november ultra



These babies! We must protect them at any cost! This whole situation is just too dear. @Uncle posts, “You’re gonna have a great time explaining to my boyfriend why we have another one added.” @Taylormoreno adds, “So beautiful. People who have never owned weenies don’t understand how much love they have to give.” @Corgette23 says, “This is absolutely too much for my heart.” 

Ah well, there you go. Right now, we are all dappled with Dachshund affection. The world needs more of this kind of lovely, joyful stuff right now.


Source: Pet Helpful

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