When a local dog shelter issued a call for fosters, Jacqueline Colette assumed it would be difficult to choose between the several puppies in need of foster homes. She was ignorant of the fact that the ideal dog would pick her.

Jacqueline said to The Dodo, “I see this little arm simply going straight out of the gate.” One of the chain links barely accommodated Donut’s tiny puppy arm.

Staff members of Austin Pets Alive! the 7-month-old Donut, whom they called Cinnamon, reached her arm between the bars of her cage, shocking the onlookers. Jacqueline was informed that the fearful dog had not shown affection during her 11 days there.

Then they described to her Donut’s horrific shelter past.

Jacqueline said that “[she] was taken off the streets as a young pup and put in a shelter, but that didn’t last long because the shelter set on fire.”

Donut managed to escape the shelter fire unhurt but soon developed parvo; as a result, volunteers brought her to Austin Pets Alive’s parvo ICU unit.

A sewer pipe burst one week after Donut moved into her new shelter, fully flooding the parvo unit. All of the dogs at the shelter were relocated to outdoor kennels, including Donut who had recently finished her parvo treatment.

Jacqueline added, “This infant is 6 or 7 months old and has been transported so many times. She has never lived in a house, never had a bed to herself, and has always been confined to a kennel.

Jacqueline excitedly embarked on their new chapter after completing the foster papers and picking up her new foster dog.

Donut appeared anxious as they were driving home, and Jacqueline could see it. She was trembling, had her ears back, and tucked her tail under her.

However, when a sudden thunderstorm compelled Jacqueline to engage the windshield wipers, the dog stopped trembling and proceeded to spend the remainder of the journey home circling the wipers with her head.

On her first day at home, Donut took a long bath to get rid of the sewage stench and enjoyed some time playing in Jacqueline’s yard. Jacqueline noted that Donut was becoming more loving and at ease during the wash.

I was trying to comfort her when she kind of pushed up against me and put her head in my hand, Jacqueline recalled. And she just said, “Thanks, lady,” as she glanced up at me.

When Donut first ran around her new yard, her ears began to perk up, but they suddenly dropped when she realized that she was being observed.

Donut was adamant that she was not yet at ease with the thought of spending the night inside. Jacqueline remarked, “She tried really, really hard to sleep on the lawn. Jacqueline obtained a large quilt and spent more than an hour lying with Donut in the yard.

Jacqueline continued, “I kind of ignored her at first, and then she came onto the blanket. Jacqueline remarked, “OK, she’s getting it,” as Donut scampered over and laid her head on her new human. She is aware of her safety.

Three days after bringing Donut home, Jacqueline made the decision that she would keep Donut forever.

Two months have passed since Jacqueline first took Donut home, and the lovable dog is still emerging from her shell.

Jacqueline remarked, “Every time she puts her head on me, she nuzzles her chin back and forth and moans. Jacqueline thinks that Donut may be attempting to express her gratitude to her new mother for the positive changes in her life at times like this.

Jacqueline remarked, “It’s amazing to see the gratitude in her eyes. “You can tell she’s grateful and joyful.”