Viktor Larkhill and his team of rescuers spotted Lucy wobbling along the side of a road all alone, exhausted and scared.

She stared at rescuers with sad eyes and begged for help without speaking.

They rushed her to their vet, where she was monitored at all times.

Sadly, she kept having seizures and her condition seemed to be getting worse, to the point where she could no longer stand.

She was then transferred to the Valencia Sur hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, where she was suffering from cervical pain and had irregular vital signs and cardiac arrhythmias.

While her condition was grave and her future looked bleak, vets and rescuers promised her that they would do everything to save her.

Lucy’s heart wound up stopping during a spaying surgery. Vets frantically worked hard to bring her back to life, and thankfully were successful.

After months of treatments, surgeries, and care, she was finally on the mend and ready to go to a foster home!

Today, Lucy is happy and healthy and loving her second chance at life. She is no longer in pain, and enjoys her morning walks and playing in her new backyard.

Watch her rescue and new life in the video below:

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