Are you the type of person who gazes up at the sky, looks at the clouds, and make shapes out of it? It is a fun way to pass time and on rare occasions, these clouds will resemble a shape similar to a person or animal.

The images seen at clouds make us wonder if there are truly angels in the sky in the form of clouds. There are several photos of clouds that look strikingly exactly as dogs and we compiled them for you:

With red and golden hues in the sky, a dog sits on the clouds


This photo was taken in a tropical coast town during sunset.

Unmistakable image of a doggo angel


When we lose our beloved, we believe that they are on a different dimension and became angels that watched over us.

Dog in heaven


If a dog crossed the “rainbow bridge” it will wait for its human companion in the afterlife. It is comforting to believe that someday, we might see them again just like a family.

Another dog-shaped cloud


Doggy angels are among us whenever dog-shaped clouds appear in the sky and this isn’t the first time. Many have already captured the dog-cloud phenomenon and some even experience these after a loss of a loved one.

It’s not a coincidence


Occurrence is more often to be said a coincidence. It became intriguing that every picture is different yet similar to their counterparts on Earth.


With this documented phenomenon as evidence, we can really believe that dogs go to heaven and we are hoping to see our beloved canine family again.

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