A video of Lucky, the dog working in the kitchen, became quickly viral in China. A home security system was used by owner Zhou, from the province of Zhejiang, to remotely order his dog.

Before going to the store to buy supplies, Zhou had cleaned the grains and put them in an electric rice cooker. According to Qianjiang Evening News, he explained that his shopping trip took longer than anticipated since he chose to take the COVID-19 test.

He then gave Lucky the responsibility of cooking the supper. Lucky is shown in the video lying down, but when his master calls for him, he stands up and uses his front paws to turn on the rice cooker.

The rice is now steaming, so Zhou instructs Lucky to go to the rice cooker and turn that on. However, the dog resisted Zhou’s first command, so he gave it again. After hearing the instructions several times, Lucky finally grasps them and turns on the device.

“Press that button. You didn’t press it correctly. Try again, and press harder,” Zhou can be heard saying. Lucky soon succeeds in starting the rice cooker.

“How fabulous! I will prepare delicious food for you when I return home,” his pleased owner responds.

Zhou claims that Lucky is capable of carrying out several household tasks, such as flushing the toilet and shutting off the lights and faucets.

Lucky, according to Zhou, is a quick learner who learned how to buckle a seat belt in a car in a matter of minutes. “[Lucky] will understand what I mean through the expression in my eyes or just from a simple hand gesture,” he stated.

“But Lucky only listens to my orders. He seems unable to understand what my wife says.”

Watch the video here.